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Because Every Bride Might Need a 3-Day Engagement Right Now


Because Every Bride Might Need a 3-Day Engagement Right NowPhoto Credit:

Sooo, okay everyone - who else has been anxiously awaiting the finale of Marissa and Gabe’s proposal? We’ve been all about it, and you can’t blame us, it’s the best part of wedding season right now. That said, if you haven’t been keeping up, we’re going to give you the quickkkkkest recap of the week, because we have other things to get to in this post.

If Marissa Casey Fuchs isn’t top of mind for you, let’s get you there:
  • Marissa is an influencer with nearly 200K followers on Insta - she has a ton of pretty pictures, a really beautiful grid, and we just like looking at her life - because it’s exciting.

  • Marissa’s been with her guy, Gabriel, for a looooong time and on Tuesday of this week, he posted a video telling Marissa that he was going to propose soon, but wouldn’t be going about it in the most traditional way, because “it’s not their style.”

  • Essentially, in the last three days, Gabe has staged the most insane scavenger hunt proposal we’ve ever seen (whisking her away to NYC, the Hamptons, Miami, and Paris, NBD) and Marissa has been wined, dined, surprised, and delighted until finally being reunited with her love and asked the most important question of her life.

  • She obvi accepted the proposal, slipped her grandmother’s emerald diamond on her finger, put on a crop top dress, and said “I Do” to her boo at a French chateau. Basically 72 hours and she went from engaged gooper (yep, she spearheads all of goop’s brand partnerships, damn cool job!) to just-married trooper.

Because Every Bride Might Need a 3-Day Engagement Right NowPhoto Credit:

Not saying that every bride wants a whirlwind engagement and wedding lead up like this, but we can almost guarantee that after seeing the extent of this proposal and intimate wedding follow up, a ton of couples will want to board this train.

Let’s just go over a few reasons (pre-4th-of-July) firecracker proposals make sense:

  1. For the couple who just wants to get married. Sure, a proposal kind of has to preface the marriage, but there doesn’t need to be a long, drawn-out engagement to commemorate it. It should be as long as you want it to be, to necessitate all of the planning, and not leave you feeling like you’re worn the f*** down even before the wedding takes place.

  2. For the couple who wants to avoid any etiquette mistakes. Once you get into your 30s, going to weddings every other weekend is pretty much the norm - and you need to block out your lives all the time for the people close to you tying the knot. With an engagement like Marissa and Gabe’s, everything happened so quickly that there wasn’t time to send out invitations, save the dates, etc. It was spontaneous AF, and as much as that can be stressful, it can also be incredibly liberating. The people who you need to be there will be, no matter what, and you can catch the other folks up at another time (or just cue them in on the progression of things on Instagram… they’ll probs tune in).

  3. For the bride who wants a dress, but doesn’t want to cry over it. What we loved about Marissa’s gown was that she found it and wore it for her hubby - she said she never expected to wear a crop top to her own wedding, but it was the best thing she could find for her soulmate #heloveeeedit. When you have a crazy long engagement, there’s a risk that you’ll start to doubt yourself / feel like you have too much time to consider your options / and even return something that you liked in the beginning, because you’ve had overwhelming amounts of rumination. Shopping for something off the rack, maybe even something that isn’t even bridal, specifically, can be easy to navigate (you might even end up with something that never crossed your mind, because you’re opening your mind to ALL of it).

  4. For the bride who wants her bridehood to spark brightly, but burn out quickly. I think this is one of the best parts of Marissa and Gabe’s engagement - nothing in the last few days has gone stale, it’s been a big deal from start to finish. And not everyone can say that about their engagement. When it goes on and on and on, people forget, they lose interest. Instead, with these two, they kept their emotions high, they were excited and invigorated every step of the way (even on her long Uber rides in Paris), and they owned their fleeting fiance statuses for as long as they knew they’d have it for. Throw in a Miami-bound bachelorette with your bestie right before the big day, and you have everything you need to go forward into wifey-hood… Not to mention, if you don’t drag things out for too long, you can probably avoid all those post wedding blues, too.

  5. For the couple who shares a tonnnn, but then wants to cool it. Gotta say, if you do your proposal like this, you get a ton of traction, a ton of followage, and then you can retire. Post something up like Marissa did “about being present and in the moment,” and then peace out for a while. Take it all in and enjoy the experience - without stress - as much as you possibly can. It’ll be back to work and life as usual in no time at all, so savoring the entire event is imperative. 

Because Every Bride Might Need a 3-Day Engagement Right Now

Because Every Bride Might Need a 3-Day Engagement Right Now

Because Every Bride Might Need a 3-Day Engagement Right Now

We can’t wait to get all the professional photos that M&G are having in Paris, but we’re going to let them revel in their magic for however long they need. Short engagements have our vote right now. Hands down. 🙌🙌🙌


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