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Beautifully Done Backyard Wedding

Alex Lasota Photography @weddingchicks

On a warm Saturday in June, anticipation filled the air, as Anna and Max prepared for the magical evening ahead. Together they welcomed friends and family to a beautiful eloquent backyard wedding at the Filburn Residence, and hosted a night that reflected on the deepest parts of their love. Simplicity and elegance met in the most beautiful way throughout this wedding. See the results of this beautifully done backyard wedding for yourself in full detail in the entire gallery here, photographed by Alex Lasota Photography.

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rose wedding bouquet @weddingchicks

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Bring Out The Best In Each Other

In front of their closest family and friends, they made vows to love, cherish, and bring out the best in one another, as they stood ever so eloquently in front of a gorgeous cross decorated with floral fixtures.. As the ceremony commenced, guests entered the backyard reception, where white lights, chandeliers, and gold fixtures made their presence known.

floral cross wedding decor @weddingchicks

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Amy's Bridal Boutique

Amy's Bridal is a small family owned and operated boutique style bridal salon. The shop offers an impeccable bridal collection, bridesmaid dresses, tuxedos, unique jewelry and many accessories.

white and gold wedding reception @weddingchicks

white and gold reception decor @weddingchicks

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Multiple Cakes

Anna and Max treated their guests to a beautiful dinner alongside a gorgeous dessert display by Six Shades of Blue. Cupcakes, cookies, and beautiful cakes were set up on a gorgeous oak table, with mint and white accents (the couples wedding colors). It was a true blessing to be apart of such a gorgeous day with a couple whom was filled with so much love.

blue and gold dessert table @weddingchicks

cupcakes and wedding cake @weddingchicks

white and gold wedding cake @weddingchicks

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