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Atelier Pronovias 2020 Collection


Atelier Pronovias 2020 Collection

You've heard the term "reach for the stars", well Atelier Pronovias has grabbed those stars and wrung them for all they are worth with this next jaw-dropping 2020 Atelier Pronovias collection. Seriously, you will not believe the plethora of beauty that is about to unfold from our full gallery where you'll find the full collection; so to prepare yourself keep scrolling to hear a bit more about what this stunning line of wedding gowns. 

Beyond The Stars

The 2020 Atelier Pronovias collection, inspired by Beyond The Stars, features dreamy dresses made to flatter and embrace the feminine figure, with impeccable cuts and elaborated with new materials including Crepé Couture, embroidered tulle and handmade French lace.

The brand’s Creative Director, Hervé Moreau, described the collection as “the most challenging and intricate collection of the brand’s history. Each piece and design require a lot of manual work and is conceptually and visually connected to the Beyond the Stars aesthetics.”

Beyond The Stars is inspired by Moreau’s childhood in Nice, France where he was drawn to the art displayed at the Marc Chagall museum. The art displayed portrays love, joy, and celebrates the effervescence of all brides by highlighting floating silhouettes, harmonious landscapes, and shining stars.

ASTEROID Atelier Pronovias gown

EARTHRISE Atelier Pronovias gownEARTHRISE Atelier Pronovias gown

CALAS Atelier Pronovias gown

INFINITY Atelier Pronovias gownINFINITY Atelier Pronovias gown

CONDESA Atelier Pronovias gown

COSMIC Atelier Pronovias gownCOSMIC Atelier Pronovias gown

CONSTELLATION Atelier Pronovias gown

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