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Ashley Graham and Pronovias Now Have a Collection for Curvy Brides

Ashley Graham and Pronovias Now Have a Collection for Curvy Brides

Today is a good day, chicks. Why? Well, one of our favorite people on the planet - Ashley Graham - has brought her beauty, boldness, brilliance, and overall badass-ness over to the bride side with her exclusive new collaboration with Pronovias. If you know Ashley, you know she’s absolutely amazing; if you know Pronovias, you know that the fashion house is a bridal legend. So, the just-dropped Ashley Graham X Pronovias collection is bound to be epic in every way. Cue the collective ‘so here for it!!.’

We’ve admired Ashley for yearrrrrs, and seeing her name in association with out-of-this-world wedding wear is kind of a dream come true, because 1) she is such an incredible icon for body positivity and inclusivity and 2) she represents the modern, self-assured, trend-fluent female that these dresses were designed for. It couldn’t be more of an authentic, fitting fashion mashup if you ask us.

Ashley hopes the shopping experience for her style-obsessed contemporaries only gets better.

Ashley Graham and Pronovias Now Have a Collection for Curvy Brides

“From shopping for the perfect wedding dress to the big reveal on your special day, women should feel confident and empowered throughout the entire process. When I shopped for my wedding dress ten years ago, I had difficulty finding a style in my size that fit well and made me feel special. It's necessary for the bridal industry to be an advocate for inclusivity and body diversity, and therefore I'm honoured to partner with the luxury leader, Pronovias, to offer beautiful and comfortable options in many sizes and styles."

From what we’re told, the collection is 16-pieces strong, with stunning options to suit brides sizes 0 through 34 🙌🙌🙌. And the truth behind this real bride forward-brand is that there is truly a couture creation cut and crafted to guarantee the perfect, stylish fit for every body type. That’s right, every body type. Because bridehood is a club, and we’re all invited. #micdrop.

Pronovias Chief Artistic Officer, Alessandra Rinaudo, took Ashley’s advice and influencership to heart to ideate dresses that make brides beyond proud when they put them on.

Ashley Graham and Pronovias Now Have a Collection for Curvy Brides

“I am such a fan of Ashley Graham. To me, she embodies perfectly the modern woman: one who exudes confidence, who is proud of her beauty. Thanks to her guidance we have improved further the fit and construction of our gowns to dress with style the dreams of all women. I am delighted to be working with her on this collection.”

Words aren’t exactly doing this collection justice - because its beauty isn’t just in the eye of the beholder (Ashley). This ensemble of expert craftsmanship, relentless research, and insightful, fully-felt understanding of what brides want and NEED in their aisle style is something that is universally appreciated and celebrated. So, swipe through the gallery and just let your eyes naturally peep like this 😍.

…. The dresses - which range from romantic, soft, moveable silhouettes to more glam, structured iterations - will be available in Pronovias-carrying boutiques and retailers in March, starting from $1000 up to $3500 ((ohhh we love this price point)). 


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