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Anna Mae Just Released a Brand New Song as an Ode to the Lovers


Anna Mae Just Released a Brand New Song as an Ode to the LoversPhoto Credit:

When Nashville-living lady and new alt-pop legend-in-the-making, Anna Mae, got married to her best friend on the farm that she grew up on, surrounded by her [favorite] people, she just couldn’t let go of that cloud 9, forever-floating feeling of love and excitement. Who can blame her? That feeling and those endlessly-effervescent emotions should be bottled up and sold - they’re just too good a dose of delight, and we can all use summa that rn, don’t ya think? Well, with just a few months to go till her second anniversary, Anna has released a song inspired by her newlywed nostalgia. It doesn’t just celebrate being newlyweds, though, it’s a much greater anthem about those exhilarating, dreamy moments of falling in love and why there’s seriously nothing quite like it. Newlyweds, fam, stream it now!

The music video is comprised of clips from Anna Mae’s own wedding on her family’s farm in Minnesota. She and her husband exchanged vows in such a special place, where she grew up; her parents happily turned the farm into a beyond-stunning wedding venue just a few years before she said “I Do.”

Watching the video is kind of like watching one of your bestie’s wedding videos (and certainly your own, if you’ve gotten married yourself!), you just can’t stop gleaning all of that just-married glow. We’ve watched it about 10 times so far, and that doesn’t count all the times we’ve had the song on in the background while we create wedding content #weddingsinspirewhatcanwesay.

For a sec, let’s just distill those daydream-worthy lyrics.

Can we always be newlyweds? Making love in our brand new bed

Bubble baths and sleeping in, taking time to soak it in…

Can we stay forever young? Kissing like it’s the very. first. one

I don’t care what nobody says, can we always be newlyweds?

Anna Mae Just Released a Brand New Song as an Ode to the Lovers

I’ll be celebrating my sixth anniversary this September (September bride twins AM!!), and these lyrics just totally bring me back to that exceptionally-warm fall day, in my pretty dress, with my girls beside me, looking into my hubby’s blue eyes and vowing to love and adore him for eternity. I could always replay that day, and what came next: the newlywedness. Well, I definitely miss it!! Not just because the bubble baths and sleeping in have become a whole new ballgame with mama and dada replacing bride and groom.

Anna Mae Just Released a Brand New Song as an Ode to the Lovers

Anna Mae Just Released a Brand New Song as an Ode to the Lovers

Postponed nuptials? Just means you can live in nearly-newlywed hood for longer!

This year has been nuts and our hearts go out to all the couples who have had to re-dream their wedding plans, but at the end of the day, if you’ve got your love, you can ride out the storm.

“Regardless of how long you’ve been with someone, I think there are special things to remember from those first moments that you fell in love. And for the couples who’ve had to unfortunately change their weddings this year, this song is a reminder that, in the end, a changed wedding doesn’t change the fact that you still get to have the most important part - living life with someone you love.” ~ Anna Mae

Also, just thinkin'… if you decide/decided to do something small with your vows now and delay the bigger party vibe for later, then you get twice the newlywed wonderful! Silver linings, just sayin! 

Anna Mae Just Released a Brand New Song as an Ode to the Lovers

About Anna, because you need to be acquainted.

Anna Mae has had over 100 TV placements, including a Toyota Super Bowl commercial, multiple movie trailers, a theme song for Reese Witherspoon’s “Shine On,” and songs off of her recent EP featured on shows such as “The Bold Type.” And anyone who’s been on the “Younger” soundtrack will always get my love. IT’S THE BEST.


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We partnered with Anna Mae to give COVID-impacted couples and head-over-heels lovers everywhere some much happier vibes to hold onto in this crazy time. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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