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An Easy Way To Book Hotel Rooms For Weddings And Bachelorette Trips

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You’ve found the one. Let Skipper find the perfect hotel room block for your wedding. You’ll get white-glove service from dedicated Booking Advisors and curated hotels based off of your unique needs - plus it’s free to use! It’s a couple’s best kept secret and we’re sharing it with you. It takes three easy steps to save you and your guests an average of 15% off on hotel rooms. Brides Magazine entitles Skipper as, “Best for organizing hotel room blocks.”

How’s it work? Simply enter details about your guests’ needs and your venue location. If you don’t know how many guests will need a hotel, you’re not alone. Take advantage of Skipper’s Room Calculator to determine the right amount of rooms and room types for your guests. Use the Skipper Score to match you with the best hotel based on your venue location, preferences, price, ratings, and reviews. You’ll get a Booking Advisor who is there to help you every step of the way. Want shuttle service and gift bag distribution? Just tell your Booking Advisor and they’ll make it happen. They ensure you have a quick and seamless booking experience, so you can sit back and let hotel offers come to you. You’ll be able to review, compare, and accept offers in an easy-to-use dashboard. Once you find the perfect wedding room block, just sign an e-contract and share the good news (and savings) with your guests!

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 book your bachelorette trip

First comes the wedding room block, then comes the bachelorette trip. Are you thinking of a Vegas bound escapade or a quiet resort in wine country?

With Skipper, your maid of honor can easily plan your ideal trip! Be sure to let her know that Skipper's flexible payment options will allow her to reserve hotel rooms without a credit card for all the ladies in waiting. This enables the bachelorettes to individually book and pay for the reserved rooms at their own convenience.

Your maid of honor won’t have to rally the troops to book immediately in order to lock in discounted hotel rates and rooms. Skipper even provides a custom booking page to share with everyone! It’s important to note that all rooms set aside for booking later are taken off ‘hold’ 30 days prior to check-in. You and your bachelorettes will coordinate less and save more with Skipper. That’s cause for even more celebration! Check out what other couples are saying about Skipper HERE.  

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