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Amy + Brett | Geek Wedding in Maryland

Triplett When we first got engaged, Brett and I agreed that we wanted a wedding that was fun, meaningful, and just a little irreverent. For the ceremony, we asked our good friend and brand-new-officiant Cody to write a few sections, and we wrote the rest from scratch. What we ended up with was a beautiful hodgepodge of humor, geeky references, and deeply heartfelt sentiments that felt exactly right to us. We spent hours picking out music for our DJ to use that we'd love and would get other people dancing. We built a photobooth and created several geeky props to help get things rolling, which ended up being a huge hit. The venue looked right out over the water of the Chesapeake Bay and the food was delicious!
But more important than any of those details is the fact that so many of our amazing family and friends were able to be there, especially several of Brett's family members and groomsmen who flew from across the country to celebrate and be there with us. All of these things made for a wedding that for us, at least, honestly couldn't have been any better.

Even she was capturing the fun with Weddingmix!

These dudes know how to get their groove on the wedding dance floor!