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Amazon Prime Wardrobe Just Game-Changed Our Wedding Season


Amazon Prime Wardrobe Just Game-Changed Our Wedding SeasonPhoto Credit:

Soo, today I thought I’d go full-on first-perspective with my post. Because, chicks, I am 100 percent obsessed with Amazon Prime Wardrobe. There really isn’t a better thing out there to get you through the rest of wedding season - style-wise. Say goodbye to all those last-minute runs to the mall to grab something to wear for your bestie’s bridal shower, or the night-before/morning-of the wedding tear to find a pair of shoes to pair with your dress (because, whoops, you just remembered you left your favorite heels at your sister’s place, she’s not home, and you don’t have a key to get in. 🙋🏻, that would be me). If you have about a week's time to spare before your event, then Prime Wardrobe is all you need. And for everything you do need ASAP, there’s always regular Prime for that. Amazon FTW, always.

Funny story, I actually learned about APW from my hubby. As one of my double-duty 30th birthday / Mother’s Day gifts, he told me that I had something fashion-forward coming from Amazon, and that he HOPED I’d love what he’d picked. So, when the box arrived, I tour it open (duh) and was beyond excited to see what was inside. A few pairs of slip-on Steve Maddens, a couple dresses, and some blouses - all of which made me realize how well my S.O. knows me and how trendy/style-savvy my guy really is, because he picked some things that I would have never shopped myself, but LOVED when I tried them on.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe Just Game-Changed Our Wedding SeasonPhoto Credit:

The end game with Prime Wardrobe is simple: to try before you buy, not unlike places like Stitch Fix, etc. And for someone who absolutely loathes EVER trying things on, in-store, this is exactly what I needed in my life. Here’s the most simplified rundown on the service:

  1. Fill your box (with 3 to 8 items you’re crushing on)

  2. Get everything sent directly to you, in as little as 4-6 days

  3. Try everything on (you have seven days to make decisions on what you’ll keep)

  4. Check out online and return everything you’re not feeling great about

Amazon Prime Wardrobe Just Game-Changed Our Wedding SeasonPhoto Credit:

I ended up keeping the shoes in the size that fit me best, 6.5 over the 7, a Tommy Hilfiger cocktail dress, an off-the-shoulder top from Amazon’s own private label Ella Moon, and an athleisure sweatshirt tunic from Amazon’s own Daily Ritual. Everything was great, and the best thing - I avoided having to go shopping for a cocktail reception charity gala ensem. And I do it every year. Even when I’ve ordered stuff from Rent the Runway in years past, I never wore them to the event… so #fail.

And basically now that I know how awesome the service is, I’m using it for all my wedding season events this summer and early fall. Three bridal showers, a couple bachelorettes, plus the weddings themselves, lots logged on the cal. So, here’s the sitch: if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you have to start using Wardrobe for all your wedding social stuff. 👇 the reasons why.

You can avoid ever having to step foot inside a store

This is by far the best reason to love APW. I get anxiety just thinking about having to go to the mall a few days or even hours before a wedding. But with Prime Wardrobe, you get a box with all your looks, and they’re delivered to your door. So, if you have a chipped pedicure, ran out of dry shampoo and haven’t washed your hair in days, you can grab the box (braless, even), and try things on barefoot in your own bathroom. And then throw your yoga pants right back on.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe Just Game-Changed Our Wedding SeasonPhoto Credit:

You can choose up to 8 articles of clothing or accessories

So, whether you need to order a dress in three sizes or just want a variety of shoes to choose from (if you haven’t yet decided whether you’ll be doing heels, flats or dressy sandals), you can bulk up if you want to. You just need to commit to at least three pieces, to qualify for the service. Maybe he just needs a new belt or a bowtie, and you’re OK... as if that was a thing.

You can try things from lots of designers, including some Amazon originals

What I loved most about my Wardrobe experience was sampling directly from Amazon. I die for Ella Moon now, and have probably ordered wayyy more off-the-shoulder blouses this summer than one should ever have. But there are tons of other brands+designers partnered up too, from Nicole Miller to BCBG, Donna Morgan to Maggie London. And you can filter by formality. So, whether you’re prepping for a black-tie wedding or a cute Sunday brunch to celebrate your favorite gal pal, you can snag it here.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe Just Game-Changed Our Wedding SeasonPhoto Credit:

You can send back your rejected pieces without having to stress about postage

So, because Amazon thinks about everything, the box they send your clothes in is smartly resealable, and it comes with a pre-printed return label. All you have to do is drop the items you don’t want back in the box, adhere the label, and drop it off at your local UPS store.

You don’t have to drop tons of cash on your cache

The worst part about shopping in store - last minute - is that you end up buying a TON because you’re running around like a crazy person and just want SOMETHING to fit and look good. So you checkout with way more than you should actually buy, drop lots of moola, and totally forget to return things after the event. With APW, you’re ONLY charged for what you keep. And only after the seven day try-on period. Once you’ve decided what you’ll keep and what you’ll ditch, head back to ‘Your Orders’ and checkout (this is mandatory). Check what you’re keeping and what you’re returning. If you really don’t want it, make sure you return it, otherwise, you’ll be charged, in full, at the end of your try-on.

It’s the best kept secret for wedding guests and the bride and groom…. How many brides out there are way too tired to shop for shoes after everything else that comes with wedding planning? You can rack up thousands of dollars in shoes, and not be charged ANYTHING until after you decide which fit you like the not-so-basic Cinderella that you are. And even if you need special somethings for your bridesmaids you can find a necklace that they all might love, order in bulk - up to 8, remember, and then soft sound them on the morning of your wedding. Leave a necklace or two out on their vanities, and if they start gushing over the cuteness, log that away as WILL BE KEEPING 😉.

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