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Alisha + Jacob | High School Sweetheart Wedding in California

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Although Jacob and Alisha went to middle school together (they were even in the same 7th grade math class!) they did not get to know each other until their freshman year of high school.
That fateful day in English class was a classic tale of boy meets girl: She teased him about his name. He tugged at her hair when when the teacher wasn’t looking. Pretty soon, that teasing turned into flirting. Since then, Jacob and Alisha have been on the fast track to living happily ever after with each other.

The couple's lovely November wedding took place at the rustic Union Hill Inn, tucked away in the scenic mountains of California. Using WeddingMix cameras, Alisha and Jacob's wedding guests recorded so many funny and hilarious moments from the couple's ceremony and reception. From loving well-wishes from bridesmaids and heartfelt best man toasts, to a priceless father-daughter dance to "Shout"by the Isley Brothers (seriously check it out, they have some sweet moves), it's hard not to start smiling while watching these two high school sweethearts finally become husband and wife.

Congratulations once again to this beautiful couple!

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