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Alessandra Rinaudo Bridal Couture 2017 Collection

Alessandra Rinaudo Bridal Couture 2017 Collection

Harmonious volumes, light colours, soft styles. Alessandra Rinaudo Bridal Couture 2017 is a masterpiece of Italian style and taste, based on elegance, research and tradition.

Each dress is an unique model where fabric, style, volume and allure are studied to be the best ones according to the choice of precious material as Italian silk, soft organza, fine satin and French laces. One style for each bride to design her nicer silhouette in order to feel beautiful.

Alessandra Rinaudo's bride shows a natural and elegant beauty, never being too much. She is a fine lady, glamour, but first of all she is the protagonist.

Necklines humeral, tattoo effects to enhance backs and stroking cleavage, soft and voluminous skirts characterized by overlapped tissues . Embroideries, laces and special materials are combined together, according to designer's idea of elegance, sometimes magical and dreamlike, sometimes ethereal. From absolutely innovative slipped dresses, the hyper- most sensual modern sirens, to the princely models, nothing is obvious or already seen. Each piece reflects the romantic soul and the imprint of a skillful hand and glamour. Rich in accessories, the designer likes to play with unusual patterns and modern outfits. 

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Alessandra Rinaudo Bridal Couture 2017 Collection