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A Sexy Solution To Thigh Chafing

avoid thigh chafing with Bandelettes

Truth be told,  that last thing a bride should have to worry about on her special day is thigh chafing caused by skin to skin rubbing. Women of all shapes and sizes experience this common problem. Luckily there is a sexy solution for this painful problem – Bandelettes!

Bandelettes are lace bands made with non-slip silicone strips designed to be worn around the upper thighs to prevent painful thigh chafing. Unlike other uncomfortable undergarments brides wear that are meant to help slim and smooth, Bandelettes are actually designed to provide comfort and prevent skin-to-skin rubbing. With Bandelettes brides can walk with confidence down the aisle rather than being distracted by what’s happening underneath their gown.

avoid thigh chafing with Bandelettes

There are other ways to stop the sweaty chafing that we all hate. We find a few products that might make your medicine cabinet look a little weird, but your lady parts will be freshy fresh. 


Formulated for women this Anti Friction powder is specifically formulated for women. Works great on any areas that cause friction like your inner thighs, your bra line  and perfect in help in protecting against wetness. 

The only thing that I do not love is the name and the bottle. I would hide this deep in my medicine cabinet. Imagine your boyfriend / fiancée stumbling across this in your medicine cabinet. Embarrassing! 

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Fresh Breasts is deodorant for your boobs

I do not know about you, but my boobs sweat. So, yes, I will be needing a bottle of this boob deodorant. According to amazon it will revolutionize my life and my ladies will feel oh so dry and oh so lovely. 

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PreHeels creates a strong, totally clear barrier

Preheels where have you been all my life. Bandaids are ugly and fall off when you have sweaty feet. PreHeels creates a strong, totally clear barrier on your skin to block the shoe friction that causes blisters, irritation and hotspots, all day or all night. Perfect for the wedding.

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