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A Quarantined Zoom Wedding and a Puppy


A Quarantined Zoom Wedding

Mike and Mel's Zoom Wedding

Mike and I met at our friends wedding in NY in Aug. 2013, & thanks to Patron and some heavy dancing and laughing, we shared our first kiss! A few weeks later, Mike booked a flight out to LA and we had our official first date. Our first date consisted of a 2 mile run to the Kogi Taco Truck, followed by 2 tall boy cans of beer from the liquor store across the street. How romantic! hahaha But it actually was... we were both so nervous! Before we knew it, we were in a long distance relationship! 

In May 2014 Mike made the cross country trek from Florida and we finally were living together in LA! April 23, 2019 Mike suggested we run to the Kogi Taco Truck for dinner, I didn't think anything of it as we normally run to various restaurants or bars. Little exercise before grubbin' and drankin'! As we near the truck, I turn around and there was Mike, getting down on one knee!! Through tears, and many many OMG's I said yes! Two of our friends were there to document the whole thing! We ran across the street to the same liquor store and upgraded our tall boys, to a bottle of Veuve Clicquot! 

We started planning out wedding and decided that a desert wedding in Palm Springs was exactly what we wanted. Ever summer we would go to Palm Springs and it just felt like the perfect place for our wedding. We scheduled our wedding for March 20, 2020. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, we were forced to postpone our wedding to later in the fall. 

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While we were heartbroken and wanted nothing more than to get married, we knew it was the right decision for all our our friends and family. Plus the nation practically shut down a few days later, so the decision was that much easier. We decided that just because we couldn't have our wedding, we shouldn't have to prolong getting married. 

We talked to our good friend and asked if he would ordain us virtually. We sent a text to our immediate family and bridal party telling them that we were planning a Zoom wedding! The responses were overwhelming, we felt so loved!!! 

So on March 21, 2020, we were joined by our family and friends all over the US via Zoom as we said I Do! It wasn't the wedding we planned or dreamt of, but definitely one we will never forget. Plus, we still have our actual wedding scheduled for September 25, 2020 to look forward to. But most importantly, we're MARRIED! <3

Important Update: Mike and Mel Got a Puppy!


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