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A Magical Forest Wedding Day In Blush And Burgundy


A Magical Forest Wedding Day In Blush And Burgundy

This next couple went from being neighbors to being friends and now they've just said "I do" in one of the most whimsical and beautiful wedding locations that we cannot get enough of. From the fairytale nature of the surrounding forest to the gorgeous color palette and flower (which were sustainable btw), this whole event has us over the moon in love. 

Keep scrolling for more of our favorite moments from this heartwarming wedding day, and to read all about how these two sweethearts fell in love. Enjoy, and don't forget to stop by the full gallery for more photos from ArinaB Photography.

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Their Love Story

Brett and I live in San Diego, where we met... well because we were neighbors. I literally fell for the boy next door! Such a cliché, I know. ^-^ I had just moved into my new place and was unpacking when someone pulled up in my driveway and parked their car. I went outside and mentioned to the guy walking away from the car that that was my parking spot. He looked at me very confused and said "Why are you already here? You weren't supposed to move in for another two days!" Apparently he thought the new tenant (me) wasn't moving in for another two days and he wasn't ready to give up this convenient parking spot he had been "borrowing". I wasn't sure if I should laugh or be annoyed by his exasperation. That described Brett to a T, he is never afraid to speak his mind, even if he might sound cocky. Which is probably good, because I am never afraid to say what I think, either. ;)

Even though that first impression of him (and his good looks) made me think he was probably a notorious player, I soon realized he was actually super goofy and really nerdy, just like me. I'm a conservation biologist and he's a cartographer (he makes maps), and we both have a love for science, exploring far off places... and cheese. :) A few weeks after I moved in, he knocked on my door and asked me if I wanted to come to a wine and cheese bar with him to hang out with some friends (who never showed up, btw) and we ended up talking for hours

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Love Story continued

We became close friends and I felt such a connection to him, but life is never that straightforward. I was seeing someone else when I met him and therefore didn't consider him more than just a really good friend. We became confidants, talking about girls he went on dates with or issues I was having with the guy I was seeing. Looking back, it is so funny to think of how much we were alike, how much we had in common, and yet not realizing the obvious. Until months later, when we did. I had broken things off with my boyfriend, and then, of course, things became crystal clear. That the whole time, I had been trying to find that connection I so easily established with Brett in this other guy.

Shortly after, Brett and I went for a walk on the beach, and it was harvest moon. I remember because we just sat there on the beach and he told me about the different moon phases. Nothing happened, but we both felt it. The next day on Facebook, I saw that he had posted "Harvest Moon" by Neil Young onto his page. No comment had been added, but I knew exactly what it meant. :) And the rest is history. 

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Popping The Question And Planning The Big Day

Last September, 3 years after we started dating, he proposed to me at a waterfall in the jungles of Okinawa, a tropical Japanese island he had lived on a few years before we met. We had hiked through what felt like a sauna and were just sitting there, happy and sweaty, listening
to nothing but the birds when he asked me and I didn't expect it at all. It was absolutely perfect.

From ArinaB Photography: Because of the connection to "Harvest Moon" song and their talk about moons, they had their wedding on Harvest Moon Saturday. How romantic is that:)
Katrina is an ecologist and works with endangered species so it was very important for her that the wedding would be environmentally healthy. From Katrina, "What I loved most about the florals was that not only was Laura fantastic, but all flowers were grown locally, sustainably and she only chose flowers that were in season."

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Budget Breakdown

Venue- 11,900
Day of Wedding Planner - 1,900
Photographer - 2,500
Dj -2,000
Catering (including rehearsal, taxes, and gratuities) - 14,223
Alcohol - 1,500
Florist - 3,200
Rentals ( farm tables and chairs) 926
Silverware - 250
Plates, linens, Glassware - 645
Décor - 500
Wedding cake and cupcakes - 235
Invites - 400
Save the date - 500
Yoga - 175
Insurance 125
Bowties - handmade
Total $40,979

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