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A Fathers Quest to Create the Perfect Outdoor Wedding


A Fathers Quest to Create the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

John Vicars of Vicars Built Rentals built a business out of well, necessity as we see it thanks to a push from his son. Read on to hear the story of how Vicars Built Rentals came about and now proudly serves the Akron and Media areas.

Vicars Built Rentals

A Fathers Quest to Create the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

Like most men, I really love being a dad. Having seven kids you almost have to. When my oldest daughter mentioned having her wedding in our backyard, a whole new dimension of life opened up that I never thought about. Planning, creating, organizing, wow!

When my wife and I got married it was in my parents living room, my mom made lasagna. My mind was racing with ideas. Hey, why not make things for the wedding that we could also use in the backyard afterwards? This brought the creation of the "structure", 10' poles coming out of the ground which supports poles making three pyramids. Yeah, and we will bring power underground and put lights on the poles. And wire speakers on the poles. 

A Fathers Quest to Create the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

Then we will make boxes for raised beds of flowers on both sides of the structure. Neat. Later we will use this as a place to gather and make s'mores. When I made the structure and nobody laughed (at least in front of me), it gave me the fever. Yes, it made me obsessed, in search of the perfect outdoor wedding. We had the ceremony under the structure and it was beautiful. 

This brings us to wedding number two. Another daughter asked for her wedding in our backyard with a Luau theme. We hung flower baskets from the structure, it was all very colorful. We then made a Luau style bar for the tent which we afterwards put in our basement (it is still there now). 

A Fathers Quest to Create the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

That brings us to wedding number three which has changed my life. My son Joe mentioned he would like his wedding in our backyard and that his fiancee had very definite ideas how she wanted things. When I heard about her ideas I was in awe. She wanted farmhouse style tables, benches, hexagon arch, bistro lighting, candle wall backdrop, wedding ceremony doors. When I looked around for a place that rented these items I did not find much. And that is when my son mentioned that it would be really cool if we could make these items and rent them out afterwards, start a business. 

A Fathers Quest to Create the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

The excitement of working with my son in a business and doing something I really enjoy, creating beautiful wedding experiences, made it an easy decision. People were amazed and stunned at Joe's wedding, I heard many people mention that it was the most beautiful wedding that they had ever attended. We had worked 8 months making farmhouse style dining tables, a sweetheart table, pub tables, bars that light up with a fridge and sink. Under the structure we put our benches for ceremony seating. The bride entered the ceremony from our beautiful oak doors. They gave their vows in front of our hexagon arch. When it got dark our beautiful boxes lighted up which supported the poles which strung the bistro lights. The candle wall which was in back of the sweetheart table flickered with over 50 candles. It was an incredible night. 

For those of you in the quest for the perfect outdoor (or indoor) wedding, we would like to give you the same opportunity by renting these items from Vicars Built Rentals.

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