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A Charming Wedding At Castello Di Tor Crescenza

After Vincigliata, today I'm telling about a wedding held in another magnificent castle, this time not far from the centre of Rome.

Tor Crescenza - or Castello della Crescenza - is a fifteenth century castle located on the hills to the north of the Eternal City, and surrounded by the Parco di Roma Golf Club.
This venue doesn't fail to surprise our guests, who are enchanted by the beauty of gardens, the natural fountains, the rooms' frescoes and decorations, and the verandas overlooking the stunning park. It is a venue that gives the impression of being suspended in time, even though it is just 15 minutes from the center of bustling capital of Italy.
The castle has two large and beautiful courtyards, both covered by glass roofs. One of them, originally a winter garden surrounded by a wide terrace, is where we set up the hall for dinner, while in the other there was the party with open bar, music and entertainment.

The church where the wedding was celebrated is San Giuseppe dei Falegnami, overlooking the famous Fori Imperiali. It is a small church built between the sixteenth and the seventeenth century, with a single nave full of decorations and ornamentation dating back to 1800.

We want to dedicate this post to Nona and Sam, the beautiful couple starring in this unforgettable day!

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