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A Bride's Weight Loss Journey


Alex Powers weight loss journey

alex powers weight loss journey

Meet Alex Powers of I Can, I Will, I DO and follow her personal weight loss journey! Blogger, Alex Powers, shrieked (and freaked!) the second she saw her Greek boyfriend of six years ... yes, she was very patient ... get down on one knee. It was a moment she had dreamed of, since, well, the day she started dreaming, and suddenly it hit her: “After all this fantasizing over my fairytale wedding, I know I can’t say “YES” to my fiancé until I can say “YES” to me!” Every bride goes through this. Whether it’s that they want to lose two pounds or two hundred, all brides-to-be want their idea of perfection on their wedding days. After all, it will likely be the most photographed day of their lives!
Since Summer 2015, Alex has volunteered to become the guinea pig, hoping that her honesty, approachability and sarcastic sense of humor is relatable to the millions of others who are also searching for an answer. She connects with her new friends, fans and followers daily through social media, weekly through blogs and monthly through “I Can, I Will, I DO!” episodes. And her hope? That she can inspire as many women and brides-to-be as possible. Most importantly, she believes that this engagement period should be celebrated. There’s no need to get drastic. But she also knows that if she CAN lose the weight she WILL look and feel her absolute best before she says “I DO!”
Alex and Jordan are, excitedly and eagerly, headed to their home-away-from-home in Cabo San Lucas for their November 12th wedding fiesta. The location was an easy “I do”, especially since it’s “required” the couple to take several extra trips to Mexico in order to do the serious work like tequila tasting and appetizer appreciating. The next step: “Who to help?!” was just as simple as the fist. Alex has been a fan of celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss, who she now calls her “Fairy God- Planner”, for years. The two of them have made each part of the planning process into its very own celebration – as both of them think, everyone always should! As a team, they’ve all adopted the motto “WE CAN, WE WILL, WE DO!” and they are doing just that.
Get to know Alex and follow her journey on Instagram.

Yes, my leggings say "I Can, I Will, I DO!" and yes, my obsession with @goldsheepclothing is now next level {if that's even possible!} ???????????? #bethegoldsheep

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