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9 Things We'd Do Instead of Swimming With Sharks On Our Honeymoon

When Sarah Illig and her new hubby, Evan Carroll, got married last month, a shark attack wasn’t really on their radar when it came to their honeymoon. Like many of us, the newlyweds decided to go full on fun-in-the-sun-with-your-hun mode for their first trip as Mr. & Mrs., but instead of chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool by the pool, they had a rather concerning Caribbean calamity.

We’ll give you all the deets, because this blondie bride seemed to take the entire attack in stride, and even joked about it on her social channels, saying “'Ended the honeymoon with a bang (bite). Check out the surprise and very rare nurse shark bite in the video and don't forget the volume to hear the crunchhhhh.”

Basically, Sarah signed on for a pretty intense swimming with sharks experience at her resort. She had done it, without issues, earlier on in her trip, so she figured she’d be fine for round two. But the nurse shark had other plans…

In footage taken by her GoPro-outfitted S.O., Sarah is seen snorkeling around, when a shark swims straight into her, taking an audible bite of her arm in its path. She screams and tries to shake the pain away, while her cinematographer films the whole thing. ((OBVI he didn’t process what was happening, and that’s okay, no one really anticipates their wife getting side swiped, err snacked, by a shark while honeymooning))

Umm yeah, Sarah, you are ballsy AF. We can’t even handle honeymoon mosquito bites, and you just got your arm nibbled by a nurse shark. You are a total badass.

She definitely had a lot of memories to bring back home to Charleston, South Carolina, and she’s happy that everything was caught on tape - because “no one would believe it” otherwise!

Yes, these shark encounters are becoming hella popular for honeymooners - with lots of resorts offering the attractions right on campus (which makes it seem a lot safer… HMM). If you asked us, though, we’d still rather hang out and tan up. Remember when we said last week that a viral honeymoon wasn’t necessary? Well, that applies here. Sarah, we give you ALLLLL the props for posting about your shark scare on Insta, but we’d happily save that selfie for another time…

Here are a few other things we’d try before jumping in the water with Jaws… hey, we know it isn’t USUAL behavior for nurse sharks to go rogue, but they might as well be Great White sharks to us.