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8 Ways To Use Romance & Roses On Your Wedding Day


8 ways to use romance roses on your wedding

Weddings are all about romance and roses, are they not? But how do you use those two elements? I mean roses are a bit more obvious, but how do you define your big day as romantic without going over board with cupids and glittery hearts? (Sidebar... are those things really that romantic, Valentines day could really do with a makeover). Heather Benge Events teamed up with Lauren Elledge to bring you a supremely romantic wedding inspiration that did include some beautiful uses of roses! 

Keep scrolling to find 8 ways you can use romance and roses on your wedding day. But also don't forget to stop in and take a look at the full gallery too. There are plenty more details from this sweet summer shoot that you are definitely going to want to see more of. 

romantic wedding bouquet

1. Your Bouquet

A bouquet of roses, seems like it could be extremely boring... but honestly since starting this job, I have come to admire just how diverse the rose is as a flower. With tons of different looks, styles and more colors then you could imagine your bouquet could easily look like a veritable garden while sticking close to the rose theme. ... To give your bouquet a bit of a romantic vibe the easiest thing to do is to tie some long and flowing ribbons to its base and allow those ribbons to flutter in the breeze. ViolĂ , instant bouquet romance! 

romantic wedding invitations

2. Your Invitation Suite

Again ribbon always seems to give just about anything a hint of romance, and couldn't be truer in the case of your wedding stationery. The subtle rose colored ribbon gives these wedding invitations a soft hand made feeling that will make all of your guests feel especially looked after. The elegant calligarphy also hints at a much more romantic era, not unlike Shakespeare's time, because let's face it, if Shakespeare were going to invite you to a wedding, or even a backyard BBQ (I'm sure they had those then) He would have sat down and drawn up your invitation in the most beautiful calligraphy. 

wedding horse

romantic flower halo for the wedding horseromantic wedding photo with wedding horse

3. Four Legged Friends

Okay, no we aren't going to have majestic Clydesdale horses just hanging out at our wedding, but add a little romance to any of your furry (or feathered, we have seen a couple parrots) friends shouldn't be too difficult. Crafting a halo of roses and ribbon integrates your animal pals into the wedding day. 

romantic wedding sign

romantic wedding signromantic wedding photography

4. Your Signage

Again think, calligraphy and roses! These two elements are the power houses of romance and whether you are directing your guests to their appropriate seats or just whimsically defining your feelings about your wedding day, your signage is sure to feel undeniably romantic draped in a garland of roses. 

romantic wedding table

romantic place settingromantic wedding table

romantic wedding table

romantic sweetheart seatsromantic place cards

5. Your Wedding Table

Strike a truly intimate chord with all your guests with a large cascading and rose filled centerpiece at their table along with quaintly hand lettered place cards. Plus a beautiful table runner with a poem written down it in calligraphy seems to state the theme of this wedding out right... this is romantic! 

romantic wedding cake

6. Your Cake

The simplicity of this wedding cake is our favorite part about it. Clean and minimally adorned it seems to speak to the love of the newlyweds as they pledge to love and cherish each other. I'll tell you one thing I would love and cherish every last bite of this cake!  

romantic rose covered wedding arch

romantic wedding photographyromantic wedding portraits

romantic rose covered arbor

7. Your Ceremony Backdrop

Wedding arbors are fabulous but this wild rose meets the a secret English garden backdrop is the King of wedding backdrops! Not only will it look stunning in all of your wedding photos, but just imagine standing up and saying "I do" while being bathed in the scent of all those roses. Magical! 

romantic wedding party style

romantic wedding bouquetromantic bridesmaid style

romantic rose hair adornment

8. Your Wedding Party

Similar to the flowing ribbons on your bouquet, your bridesmaid dresses can also speak to the romance of the wedding day. I am in love with the teal ombre effect that these dresses seem to have as they catch the light. Add in small rose adornments in their hair and your wedding party is truly rocking the romance!  

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