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8 Reasons The Greenery Wedding Trend Is Here to Stay


8 Reasons the Greenery Wedding Trend Is Here to StaySEE POST:

There are many wedding traditions you can choose to include on your big day. Maybe you want to carry something borrowed and something blue down the aisle. You might wear a blusher veil or hope for rain. You could also include modern traditions and look at what's trending.

Greenery has become a major wedding trend for brides around the world. Adding more floral arrangements and leafy garlands layers your wedding with texture and colors. It's an interior design element most brides wouldn't go without, which is why it's not going away anytime soon.

Check out these eight reasons why the greenery wedding trend is here to stay. Whether you're planning for a wedding just months down the road or a year or two into the future, it's a safe choice to go big on greenery because it's such a classic part of weddings.

1. It Decorates Guest Seats

You'll have to think through everything in your ceremony area, especially when it comes to the guests. They need comfortable, practical seating that also fits in your budget. Simple vines or flowers decorate rows of seats without requiring much additional work during your setup period.

8 Reasons the Greenery Wedding Trend Is Here to StaySEE POST:

2. It Adds Character to Printed Materials

At the beginning of your wedding planning process, you'll need to decide on a design for printed materials like invitations, menus, RSVP cards and more. Floral motifs and leafy artwork add character and beauty to any printed materials and work with any theme.

8 Reasons the Greenery Wedding Trend Is Here to StaySEE POST:

3. It Provides Color Depth

You'll choose a couple of colors for your wedding to guide the design process along, but greenery adds more depth to your palette. Choose light eucalyptus leaves or dark red roses to make a statement without anything looking out of place.

8 Reasons the Greenery Wedding Trend Is Here to StaySEE POST:

4. It Works Anywhere

Greenery is easy to play around with, so it works anywhere in a venue. If you don't have space for tables, it can hang from the ceiling or drape around windows. It all depends on your wedding vision and preferences.

8 Reasons the Greenery Wedding Trend Is Here to StaySEE POST:

5. It Accentuates Place Settings

Sometimes reception place settings look like something's missing. Instead of buying different napkin holders or placemats, use greenery to accentuate folded menus or empty plates. A tiny branch of leaves or flowers laid across a place setting makes a better visual impression when guests walk into the room.

8 Reasons the Greenery Wedding Trend Is Here to StaySEE POST:

6. It Provides Needed Shade

Outdoor weddings are beautiful, but they're often overexposed to the sun. Greenery can help with that. Look around your outdoor venue and consider investing in shade trees so anyone at your ceremony or reception has a cool place to sit or stand. Keeping everyone comfortable while maintaining the look of your wedding is a fine line to balance, but trees solve both problems at once.

8 Reasons the Greenery Wedding Trend Is Here to StaySEE POST:

7. It Doesn't Require Much Work

You may imagine having to care for your wedding greenery. It's discouraging for those who don't naturally have green thumbs, but the right plants for your wedding don't have to take up your time and energy.

Look for greenery that doesn't require much work or watering, such as succulents or air plants. You might find something tiny to place on tables or potted plants to line your ceremony aisle.

8 Reasons the Greenery Wedding Trend Is Here to StaySEE POST:

8. It Has Many Options

Some brides may picture greenery as just one thing, but there are many options to explore. Check out online pictures and visit with florists to discover different types of leaves, flowers and plants. You'll find an array of colors, sizes and shapes to choose from so you'll have the perfect greenery for your venue.

The takeaway? Greenery makes things easy. If you don't like weighted balloons or flowy tulle, let greenery step in to make things easy for you. Flowers, potted plants and trees will save the day by decorating your venue in trendy, lasting ways.

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