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7 Wedding Day Moments That You Have to Have On Film


7 Wedding Day Moments That You Have to Have on Film Film by:

Quick poll for a minute: who here has ever scrolled past a Facebook friend’s Vimeo link to their wedding trailer/short and not felt compelled to watch it? Even if you weren’t at the wedding, there’s something so magical and special and endearing and worthy about wedding videos, whereby you just need to tune in. Yeah, sounds a little creepy, but at the end of the day, social media is meant to be a shared experience. So, if one of my closest friends just got married or even one of my childhood friends (who I haven’t spoken to or seen in quite some time), and they decide to post the video on Facebook, I’m 100p going to watch it. And no, it’s not a stalker thing; rather, it’s just curiosity and excitement over watching a couple say ‘I Do’ to forever in their own unique way. I didn’t have a videographer 😭😭😭, so I unfortunately never got to experience the joy and total elation that my sister and cousin felt upon getting their own wedding videos (from weddings in October and just last month), but I know just how damn thrilled they were to have those few minutes on film to refer back to the best days of their lives. And I’m lucky to have worked professionally with NST Pictures Wedding Cinematography before, so I know that this team is NO JOKE.

The Women of NST.

This company is totally different from most videographers in that it’s comprised of a female-driven team focused on creating custom works of arts for unique clients, nationwide. It’s really funny, because the wedding industry, as a whole, is dominated by men - especially on the tech and video side of things - but how does that even make sense? When a wedding is such an emotional, feels-heavy adventure?

7 Wedding Day Moments That You Have to Have on Film

At NST, the ladies truly understand how personal a wedding is and they know how to artfully craft their couples’ wedding films so that all the touching details get captured in the most flattering ways. While they highlight the tangible and traditional details of the day, their expertise lies in focusing on the emotional energy –like the way their couples squeeze each other’s hands during the ceremony or the “OMG, this is happening” looks their brides share with their mothers while they’re getting ready.

Not to say that guys can’t pick up on those unspoken cues, but c’mon, girls just do it better.... #sorrynotsorry.

7 Wedding Day Moments That You Have to Have on Film

Their approach.

NST Pictures produces classic films without any of the filters or vintage film styles that can quickly date a video. Their artistic approach lies in finding the authentic moments, in between snapshots, where you’re swept up in a whirlwind of excitement and exhilaration. Photos can freeze some of those moments in still shots, but video is much more palpable, fluid, and genuine. It’s believable and it’s nostalgic, and it can truly take you back to an exact minute or second in your life when you were sublimely happy, laughing, loudly in love.

7 Wedding Day Moments That You Have to Have on Film

If only I could have had these moments immortalized in film:
  1. The look on my dad’s face when he saw me for the first time, all bride-d up
  2. The laughter and complete incredulousness of our family and friends in the church (un-air conditioned, in an unseasonably warm late September afternoon), when in the middle of my ceremony, I decided to take off my 4-inch Kate Spade pumps and proceed to have my sister crawl under my dress to retrieve them.
  3. The expressions of my in laws when I, without prompting, said “Cheers” in [close to perfect] Ukrainian following the traditional blessing they gave in front of our guests before we walked into our reception. Never have my in laws ever pressed me (or any of my hubby's siblings' S.O.s) to learn, but they were so appreciative to have me try! 

7 Wedding Day Moments That You Have to Have on Film

Thankfully, NST Pictures lives for these precise types of wedding moments. In fact, each of their team members actually has a favorite “wedding moment they love.” Here are just a few from the core crew. If you can imagine them getting any bigger outpouring of feels than they would on film, then let us know. But we think you’ll find it tough…

The moments they 😍

When the bride enters the ceremony and everyone stands up ~ Jennifer T.

The first dance between a couple ~ Danielle S.

When the couple has a few minutes away from the reception to be alone together and let it all sink in ~ Lindsay Q.

Seeing the couples’ reactions during toasts ~ Christina A.

The first look ~ Farrah Z.

Groom tears ~ Josie P.

When the flower girl and ring bearer walk down the aisle, or dogs! Also seeing the beautiful wedding dresses! ~ Darisa M.

7 Wedding Day Moments That You Have to Have on Film

Their industry credit and the couples they roll with

In addition to being a recipient of a handful of industry awards and featured in over 300 publications, NST Pictures has had the honor of receiving The Knot’s Best of Weddings Award for five years; they’ve also been named for WeddingWire’s Couple’s Choice Awards for the second year in a row. Plus, their past clients are certainly name drop-worthy…. Just a little bit! Previous notable video clients include Chris Mann from The Voice, fashion bloggers Courtney Toliver and Nicolette Mason, Instagram personality Girl With No Job, NYC wedding planner Michelle Fernie-Oley of Michelle Elaine Weddings, Senior Editor of PopSugar Beauty Lauren Levinson, and staff members from The Knot and WeddingWire.

7 Wedding Day Moments That You Have to Have on Film

Don’t let missing out on their sweepstakes be a mistake

If any of your top wedding moments are on their list… you might want to check them out and get pricing! Their packages are fully customizable (starting at $2,750) and can even include new add-on items like affordable aerial drone options and 4K HD coverage. Plus, they run a bi-annual video package sweepstakes that ANYONE can enter. See how it worked out for this couple 👉 Sweepstakes Winners Wed at Front & Palmer in Philly


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We partnered with NST Pictures to share all the details on their shooting process, their girl gang makeup, and just how fun this group is to work with. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!