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7 Tips to Get the Reception Party Started With Eamon’s “Be My Girl”



Listen up! Eamon's soulful new single, "Be My Girl" is a must for your wedding playlist. The emotionally heavy and resounding single combines clever, joyous verses with a sweeping hook that instantly calls to mind a revered era of street-corner harmonies and memorable melodies. The doo-wop and soul influences are strong throughout, and is the foundation upon which Eamon’s musical upbringing was forged. It's a must for any reception playlist! 

Listen to Eamon's, "Be My Girl" below, then keep scrolling for 7 tips on how to keep your dance floor packed all night long.

Trust your DJ

1. Give your DJ a list of song requests to work with, then let him do the rest. Their job is to read the crowd and keep the party bumpin, so let them work their magic.

Get the party started with your first dance

2. Getting people out on the dance floor is half the battle. Have your DJ invite other couples to join you towards the end of your first dance, then have him transition into a upbeat song to get the party going! Bonus: Don’t be shy! Crowds generally feed off each other’s energy, so this is perfect time to show case your favorite dance moves.

“Yes, you can dance” - Vodka

3. A little liquid courage can definitely help get the party started. Plan to have the bar near the dance floor and remember to enjoy responsibly! No one wants to see Uncle Ben face plant halfway through Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.

Timing is key

4.  Once the party gets going, don’t interrupt it to cut the cake. Plan on having the cake cutting immediately after dinner as to avoid a potentially empty dance floor later. Bonus: Have an extra slice or two, because once you're done you can burn off all those dessert calories on the dance floor.


5. Give your gals a break from their heels with a pair of flip flops, or even a pair of fancy flats. They make for an awesome wedding favor, and your family and friends will thank you later!

Dance WITH your guests
6. Everyone loves dancing with the bride and groom. Make sure you’re out there busting a move with your friends and family. It’s your big day so dance like there’s no tomorrow.

Choose a variety of songs

7. Have your DJ blast a variety of popular songs from throughout the decades. Your grandma just may surprise you. Bonus: If you want to avoid those cliche wedding songs, it's ok to make a list of songs you don’t want your DJ to play ahead of time.



Check out Eamon's soulful new single, "Be My Girl" on Spotify today. Want to hear more? We don't blame you! Get ready for Eamon's new full-length LP, Golden Rail Motel. Available everywhere Sept. 15th. 

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