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7 Things You Can Do For Your Lady That Will Blow Her Mind

As crushing as this is going to sound, we're not born with super amazing relationship skills. It's hard people. Hard. We try and we fail, then we fail then we might learn. Eventually we get better and better over time, but only with effort. In a solid attempt to help you on your journey of being the bestest BF/hub eva, we're sharing seven things that you can do for your lady that will blow her mind. Trust me guys, these require very little elbow grease. It's really more like ideas that drive you in the right direction so your lady-friend/fiancĂ©/wifey FEELS the love. It's like a show not just tell. Have your girl's back and show her. 

Time out for getting real. Whilst writing this article, I am not-so-secretly working on some The Promise type sh*t. You know, telling the universe so this will manifest into some tall dark and handsome. Ok so telling is a bit of an understatement more like SCREAMING it to the universe. Hellooooooooo, is anybody out there? JKJKJKJK. No, I'm actually serious. Read all 7 here.

We're going to cover:

Keeping Your Word
Making a Plan
Asking and Listening
Domestic Responsibilities
Friends and Family
Things that Matter to Us

So grab your coffee or your whiskey (I'm sure it's noon somewhere) and settle in for some easy-to-read, practical lessons for lovers. You might learn something that will make someone else really happy. Maybe just for funzies, try one of these out. You don't have to buy anything or particularly go out of your way. Showing your main squeeze that she's loved and knows she can count on you, that's that stuff that makes us go ahooga. 

Ladies, I'd love to hear from you if want me to add anything. Email me and let's be pen pals. Go here to read all 7 thing you can do here.