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7 Pretty Pink Stones to Compete With That $32Mill Stunner


If ANY piece of jewelry was going to steal the spotlight from a certain future Duchess and her trilogy diamond engagement ring this week, it must be hella important. And we’d say that the Pink Promise ring and it’s $32 million-dollar price tag are prettttty important.

The ridiculously-radiant oval jewel, set in a platinum ring, sold for a crazy amount of money at Christie’s Hong Kong yesterday, and it was quite the gamble, because the seller (Steven Silver) took a risk and recut it from 16.10 carats to 14.93 carats. It was a move that took over three years and, in the end, shrank the diamond in size, but infinitely increased its value.

Basically, by removing the lesser brilliant sections of the stone, Silver and the other recut architects elevated the pink diamond’s Gemological Institute of America grading from ‘fancy intense’ to ‘fancy vivid.’ The leap to vivid is HUGE, btw.

We’re certainly not gemologists over here, but we know a stunner when we see one. Definitely wouldn’t have minded getting it as a push present when my son came earlier this year… But since $32 million is a bit out of budget, we’ll have to set our sights on some less expensive, but still oh-so-pretty looks for less.

👉👉 for some of the prettiest pink stones we’ve seen in awhile. All of which would go perfectly with the poshest and rosiest picnic bridal shower ever.

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