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6 Reasons You’ll Want to Be Someone’s +1


From a Tweet to a marriage proposal Photo Via:

We’ve heard all the things we’ve ever wanted to and [not] wanted to hear about first dates. The good. The bad. The ugly. We’d even go as far as to say that first dates are DOA in a big way. So, why not throw everythingggg out the window and embrace the awkwardness of a first date in the context of love: literally another wedding. Maybe throw some pixie dust on the situation and hope that some of the good vibes from your friends swapping vows will trickle over into your loveless life?

Well, one might think that’s what Iowan, Madison O’Neill, was musing over when she tweeted a friendly and obviously self-aware request for someone to accompany her to a wedding over two years ago. Followed by over a dozen smiley faces, Madison wrote “So hmu if you wanna be my date to a wedding tomorrow.”

Upon seeing her tweet, Chuck Dorhmann (a former upperclassman and peer of hers from high school) responded without hesitation, saying “Dude I’ll be your date to a wedding! When is it?” He waited for Madison to provide a rundown of the wedding deets and then enthusiastically reaffirmed his commitment to the +1 cause.

After much contemplation, Madison accepted Chuck’s proposal (to be her date, that is), they went on to have a baller time at the wedding, and started dating each other exclusively very shortly after. You know the sitch. It’s called a fairy tale.

And now, two years later, Chuck proposed on bended knee, and Madison couldn’t wait to say YES. They’re not the only ones who have gone to a wedding together on a first date and had sparks fly, either. In fact, the Washington Post just recently reported on a first date at a wedding and the couple in question also had chemistry in the making.

So, it got us thinking, and we’re pretty inclined to say that having a first date at a wedding might just be what fast tracks your relationship into tie-the-knot territory. Not convinced? Read on for an airtight assessment…

You dress to impress

Are you a good wedding guest? Tips:

If you can dress to impress together on a first date, you can easily make a bridal gown and tuxedo look totally boss in the future. Seriously, if you can coordinate complementary looks for someone else’s big day, match your statement jewelry to his bowtie, the notes of your floral perfume to his cologne aromatics, you’ll likely be able to play power couple in the fashion department for years to come. #goals.

you dance

Do you dance? Wedding Dance:

If you can dance until dawn and laugh till you drop together, you have what it takes to keep the excitement electric. Not everyone has Usher-like dance moves. And it can be royally embarrassing to shake it in front of crowds of people you’ve never met. But if your date can roll with it, and still rock the dance floor like a Dirty-Dancing fool, then he or she deserves crazy props. It’s also a measure of your future fun-ness factor together. If you can keep each other’s attention through the ceremony and 4+ hour reception, then you might have some serious #soulmate mojo.

You pass the freind test

Do you pass the friend test?Photo by:

If you can pass the friend test together, there’s a good chance you can hang with each other’s crew long past your ‘I Dos.’ Being able to hang with your guy or girl’s friends is hard, especially if you’re doing it at a wedding. This is EVEN harder if your date is in the wedding. Imagine sitting there at table #7 and having to make conversation with strangers. If you can do it, and do it well - and believe us, there are those lucky few who can work a room like NO OTHER - you’ll be in your partner’s good graces for the long haul!

You can hang with the fam

Can you hang in harmony with the family?Photo by:

If you can meet his/her family members or parents without peacing out ASAP, you can probably make a lasting impression on your in-laws. We don’t know if Chuck had to spend time with any of Madison’s fam (apparently her brother was in attendance, though, so you never know how that shook out!), but we’re wagering that if he had the spirited sense of humor to match her Twitter ask, then he can probably go with the flow and make nice with just about anyone! Including those annoying AF relatives who make it their mission to make you as uncomfortable as possible.

You handle your liquor

Can you handle your liquor?Photo by:

If you can handle your liquor at an open bar like a champ, you can win the respect of your S.O.’s squad and probably avoid all the under-the-influence fights that most couples have one time or another in their relationship. If you bring a first date to a wedding, you really need to make sure you don’t overdo it and end up driving the #hotmess express. If you and he or she can play hard (but responsibly, of course), but still keep it classy, then you can navigate pretty much any occasion with family, friends, colleagues and whatnot with total finesse. And not have to get through them all liquored up.

You keep your cool

Are you a go with the flow wedding guest?Photo by:

If you can take the situation (of being at someone else’s wedding) in stride and not feel like the walls are closing in, then you can probably keep your chill and not feel pressured about your own relationship moving too slow or too fast. Really, though, if you can be someone’s wedding date - and watch his or her friends exchanging their vows, cutting cake and tossing the bouquet, without freaking out, you have a solid chance at commitment.

Real life Twitter love story

Diana of Diana Marie Photo actually met her hubby on Twitter! All becuase the groom (Silvius) was advised by a friend to start following Diana on Twitter. Well, he struck up a conversation and the rest, as they say, is history. From Twitter to falling in love, to getting married and to having a beautiful little boy - that's quite a 'tweet' story - don't you think?

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