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6 Reasons We Love The Market at Grelen’s Accommodations

Branden and Briana Wedding at The Market at GrelenPhoto Credit:

I have to say, there’s something really nice about having accommodations available at the place you’re getting married. As someone who got married at an Inn, I loved being able to have my wedding weekend all in one place, with continuity and a common thread throughout, without having to worry about finding lodging for my guests and bridal party elsewhere. SOOO many couples do it, and it’s totally fine, especially when most venues work with several esteemed hotels and resorts in close proximity (and shuttling can be arranged very easily). But being able to have everything happen in the same place, with a drop-dead gorgeous vibe from start to finish? Well, that’s just “icing on the cake", right, The Market at Grelen? We filled you in on all the natural beauty and splendor that this wedding venue’s got in spades, but we forgot to mention just how great their accommodations are: they have two picture-perfect properties that add to the allure of a Grelen wedding.

Anna and Josh Wedding Weekend at Spotswood Lodge at the Market at GrelenPhoto Credit:

Here’s a snapshot on these homesteads

Getting married at The Market at Grelen is dreamy in its own right, but couples certainly amp up the magic of the wedding weekend when they also rent one of Grelen’s two beautiful rental homes: Boxwood Villa and Spotswood Lodge, both of which are reserved, with priority, for those planning a wedding at The Market at Grelen. And many couples rent one or both of these homes for family and/or close friends to enjoy during their special weekend. Often the whole wedding party stays together for an unforgettable experience, and more and more, brides and grooms are choosing to get ready and have their first looks at one of these properties before heading over to The Market for the ceremony and reception (it’s a super short drive).

Boxwood Villa

Boxwood Villa Bridal Suite Photo Credit:

Located just outside the quaint town of Orange, Virginia, is Grelen’s most recently-renovated property. In good shape structurally, this 1891 gem just needed a little redesign, TLC, and refreshed landscaping. Named for its large boxwood circling the house, Boxwood Villa’s modern, clean interior is a fabulous juxtaposition to its history. In addition, it is surprisingly private so close to town and set on 13.5 acres which boast beautiful grounds, large mature trees, and a 1/2 mile walking trail. (It sleeps 10 and is also a wedding venue for up to 150)

Spotswood Lodge

Anna and Josh Wedding at The Market at Grelen Spotswood LodgePhoto Credit:

This gorgeous farmhouse rental is also managed by The Market at Grelen and located just down the road from the wedding venue. The property includes a main house and a cottage and includes eight bedrooms, which can accommodate 16-20 people and seven full baths. The property was renovated with a “funky twist” and is perfect for housing a wedding party and/or the family of the bride or groom.

About those reasons why we love ‘em

Just looking at the photos of these places gets us pumped, but we put together even more rationale for why they’re really just the best.

Spotswood Lodge Sitting Room Photo Credit:

  • Spotswood sleeps 16-20, sooo that sounds just about right for a bridal party bachelor/bachelorette night following the rehearsal dinner. We’re not saying you need to go HAM with your crew, right before your ‘I Dos,’ but a fun co-ed night with your favorite people wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world! 
  • Both places are phenomenally-photogenic, natural-light-soaked staging areas for those getting ready pics the morning of the wedding. Definitely a step up from your less-than-pristine childhood bedroom, AREWERITE?

Bride getting ready before first look in the Spotswood Lodge at The Market at GrelenPhoto Credit:

  • There’s truly an Airbnb, group hang feel to both properties, they’re communal, and that’s a great thing for anxious brides and grooms on the eve of their wedding day. Neither one has to feel isolated and/or stressed-out before his or her last sleep as a ‘singleton.’ He or she can bond with their bridesmaids or groomsmen, have an oh-so-necessary nightcap, and relax before the weekend gets underway.

  • Spotswood is dotted with old willow trees that provide the most incredible backdrops for first look shots. Living flower walls have nothing on whimsy weeping tendrils!

Branden and Briana First Look at The Market at GrelenPhoto Credit:

Custom Wedding Invite with Boxwood Villa SketchPhoto Credit:


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We partnered with The Market at Grelen to share these dreamy Charlottesville wedding spots with you. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!