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6 Heirloom Items You'll Want To Add To Your Registry


wedding heirlooms to complete your wedding regsistry

Creating your wedding registry is a right of passage while planning your wedding. Carefully selecting items that you and your partner love, need and want. From cutlery to cups, you'll need it all and who doesn't love Crate and Barrel.

Beyond the dishes and mini muffin pans, we also strongly suggest adding a few heirloom items that can stand the test of time not only in style but also in quality. Choose pieces that will belong to your family for several generations to come. Yes, some of these items have a higher price point and will require group gifting – and that's okay. 

register for original art Crate & Barrel

First off, did you even know that Crate and Barrel had original art pieces?  I didn't and was pleasantly surprised to find such an eclectic collection. They developed a partnership with UGallery to bring you one-of-a-kind works by emerging talents at an exceptional value.

Adding Original Art to your wedding registry will be one of the best decisions you've ever made. You'll have it and it will be loved forever. Speaking of original works of art, there may be paintings below that will be sold out by the time you read this. Peruse all the available artwork here.

1. There's Something About Posies by Judy Mackey
2. At Every Turn of Our Life, We Are by Lisa ManesJames
3. Fancy Odds XVIII by  Naoko Paulusak
4. Into the Deep by Julie Weaverling
5. Sunday Brunch by Autumn Rose
6. Distant Waves by Heidi Hybl

register for original art Crate & Barrel

add an electric pressure cooker to your wedding registry

This weekend my Aunt Cooked the most delicious, tender spare ribs in the pressure cooker in about 30 minutes. Yes, ribs in thirty minutes. 

This little - yet hefty - machine is a must-have on every single wedding registry. Not only will you use this day in and day out, but you will teach your children how to cook with it and send them off with this miraculous cooking device once they leave the nest. 

Add the All-Clad safe, easy to use electric pressure cooker to your wedding registry here.  

Le Creuset Dinnerware

Le Creuset is a premium French cookware that has been around since 1925 and is famous for its superb craftsmanship.

Basically, their cookware and bakeware is beyond sturdy and will last forever. Your grandchildren's, grandchildren will be baking your famous apple pie in the Le Creuset pie dish you registered for at Crate and Barrel. 

Below are our favorite Le Creuset pieces to add to your Crate and Barrel wedding registry. All their cookware comes in a variety of hues. See the entire Le Creuset collection here. 

1. Dutch Oven  In Soleil
2. Roaster In Le Creuset Signature Flame Color
3. Pie Dish In Marine
4. Loaf Pan In Caribbean
5. Baking Dish In Provence 
6.  Everyday Pan With Lid In Palm

Le Creuset items to add to your wedding registry

espresso machine on your wedding registry

This is no ordinary espresso machine. This is a Breville Barista professional-grade espresso machine. The creme de la creme of espresso makers! It will sit in your kitchen and make the utmost perfect Americano, Latte or whatever coffee beverage your heart desires. 

This ultimate espresso machine will be the heart of many moments in your home. Again, this is one of those items that will require group gifting. Let it be known if your guests contribute they will reap the rewards. 

Before you add this coffee magician to your Crate and Barrel wedding registry, you're going to need to add these coffee must-haves as well.

1. Chambord Classic Gold Storage Jars
2. Clouduccino Milk Frother
3. Double Coffee Measuring Spoon
4. Pavina Espresso Cup

Espresso must-haves to add to your wedding regisry

Swiss Diamond black cookware set where no oil is required for cooking

Please, please register for a high end set of pots and pans. You'll have them for longer than you can imagine. If we were to register again we'd select the Swiss Diamond 10-Piece Cookware Set.

Why? Because they look amazing and they have a patented, diamond-reinforced nonstick coating that's so efficient that virtually no oil is required for cooking, promoting healthy, low-fat cooking and easy cleanup.

Even if you choose to use oil, all you'll need is the smallest amount of high-smoke point oils. Made of cast aluminum, the pots and pans cook food evenly without hotspots and resist warping. Plus, the reviews are amazing. 


Yes, you have to add a KitchenAid mixer to your Crate and Barrel wedding registry. They're an exquisite addition to your kitchen. Plus they come in a slew of colors. How much do you LOVE this color in Toffee Delight? I am so into this deliciously colored mixer, the soft metallic glow with the sparkles will definitely catch everyone's eye.

In addition to your  KitchenAid mixer, you should also register for a few attachments. Since it will be a kitchen staple, you might as well use it for everyday cooking. These powerhouses are not just for baking. 

1. Citrus Juicer Attachment
2. Fresh Prep Slicer / Shredder
3. Food Processor with Dicing Attachment
4. Pro Flex Beater Blade (you NEED this)

KitchenAid mixer must haves

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