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6 Fab Products That Are The Perfect Way To Show Off You're Engaged!

cute engagement photo and ring selfie

So you just got engaged and you can't help yourself, you want to show it off and do a little bragging. We don't blame you, it's a kickass milestone in your life and you should be jumping for joy, (similar to the groom-to-be in this photo, find their proposal story on But how do you get away with bragging without turning too many people off? Why not surround yourself in all things bride and ring related? Liking where this is going? Then you are bound to love these 6 fab products that are the perfect way to show off you're engaged! 

Just keep scrolling to see and start shopping all the amazing items that can do that humble ... or not so humble bragging for you! 

pear shaped pink ring from Shane Co.

Step 1: A Bangin' Ring! 

The most obvious sign that you are spoken for is that ring on your finger. So why not make it as eye catching as physically possible just to drive that "I'm engaged!" point home! 

We love this pear shaped pink morganite ring from Shane Co. We would stop anyone in the street if we saw it sparkling on their finger! You can find it and many more ring options at Shane Co. by clicking here! Oh and did we mention you can build your own ring on their site. We totally got lost on there as we dreamed up that perfect little sparkler. 

Gold and white bride tote

Step 2: A Tote For Totin' Your Bride S#!t

You'll be hoofin' it back and forth to tons of meetings with all the fabulous vendors that will make your big day the best day ever; so you should probably have a bag to let them all know who the lucky girl is! 

Ultra chic in that flashy sort of way, this nylon and faux gold leather tote from Mod Party is the perfect companion for your soon to be busy wedding planning lifestyle. With a 16 in x 12.5 in interior it will fit all your bride-to-be necessities! Click here to get yours now! 

fiancee not girlfriend shirt

Step 3: Guuuuurl You Ain't No Girlfriend

You've made a crucial step from being the girlfriend to being the fiancee and absolutely EVERYONE should know about this! 

Can't get over how much we love how outright blunt this shirt from East And Willow is! We know you can't get up and yell that you got engaged so why not let this shirt do most of that for you! You can find this shirt here, you know you want it so why not treat yourself! 


Step 4: A Monthly Box of Bridal Fun

You are special, this time in your life is special and celebrating it as often as possible before it's over is exactly what you should do! 

Did you know that there is a subscription box made for brides specifically? The Ring Boxes show up at your door every month until the big day and you get to be surprised by the new and exciting bridal swag in each box! From cheeky sayings on tank tops to lavish bars of soap there is always something to get you jazzed about saying "I do" soon! So click here to start your subscription today! 


Step 5: A Mug THAT Does The Bragging For You

Do your coworkers know you are sporting a new and flashy hand accessory? If not, or even if they do, maybe your morning cup of coffee can help spread the word!

It's just an innocent question, "Does this ring make me look engaged?" This mug will be sure to do all the bragging for you as your office family convenes around the break room coffee machine. Get yours from Laceys Lace by clicking here


Step 6: Thread Up For The Long Haul

Last but certainly not least we all know that the wedding day is just one day. A marriage lasts a lifetime, so thread up for the long haul in this totes cute Wifey sweatshirt from The Paisley Box

You'll be all kinds of cozy and comfy for whatever you and your love encounter in this crazy thing we call life. So pick yours up before the "I dos" by clicking here