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6 Custom Engagement Rings Made Just for You by MiaDonna


Bride drinking rose wine with MiaDonna ring

Who doesn’t want an engagement ring that showcases his or her personality just right? We spend countless hours, days, even years looking for the perfect style and nine times out of 10, we still can’t find “the one,” because there’s always something we just don’t love about a look. And if we can’t get over it, we’ll never slip our fingers into it. Luckily, there’s a simple solution to finding something we’re all about: custom engagement rings! Just redirect your mayday to MiaDonna’s custom design service, and you’ll have the chance to create a 100% conflict-free engagement ring, exactly how you want it. Their team of artisans turns your dreams into reality in three easy steps: 1) request your free quote! 2) design your ring using computer-aided technology and 3) hold tight on a ring handcrafted - from scratch - using only sustainable materials.

OOAK rings, OOAK Process

Not only is the custom design one-of-a-kind to you, it’s also unique in that it’s completely ethical - not many jewelry brands out there are. MiaDonna only uses lab-grown diamonds, lab-created gemstones, diamond simulants, recycled natural diamonds, and recycled metals, the feel-good materials you can feel good wearing and telling everyone in your life about. Now without further ado, here are 6 custom MiaDonna engagement rings we’ve been eyeing up and know that you’ll be just as obsessed with.

Custom Emerald Wedding Set 

MiaDonna Custom Emerald Wedding Set

This beautiful wedding set features a lab-created emerald flanked by two triangle lab-created diamonds. The contour wedding band is set with naturally-recycled diamonds, perfectly wrapping along the engagement ring when stacked together. It’s truly stunning!!

Custom Emerald Engagement Ring

MiaDonna Custom Emerald Engagement Ring

It’s not May, obvi, but we’re crushing hard on emeralds (so it seems)! This custom engagement ring features a cushion cut lab-created emerald accented by two smaller lab-created diamonds in a rose gold setting.

And wow, as we talk about rings that can be tailor-made for each of us, this one literally has everything that I am!! A May baby, who has always had a thing for trinity rings, and oh yes, rose gold, too. BOOM 🤯.

Custom Sapphire Engagement Ring

MiaDonna Custom Sapphire Engagement Ring

This elegantly-designed engagement ring features a lab-created blue sapphire accented by lab-created diamonds. Fun fact: did you know sapphires come in almost every color! We know of blue, of course, but they’re hella more versatile than that ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💎. And is it just us, or does EVERYONE get royal vibes anytime they see a sapphire?

Custom Two Tone Vine Engagement Ring

MiaDonna Custom Two Tone Vine Engagement Ring

Your eyes will travel along the twisted bands of this custom ring and settle on the stunning lab-grown diamond center stone! The white and rose gold tones paired with diamond-accented bands make this ring a total showstopper and the one wearing it - a smoke show, for sureee. 

Custom Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

MiaDonna Custom Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

Excuse us as we lift our jaw from the ground! Diamond accents and a hidden halo are the perfect features to make this custom lab-grown diamond ring pop! Ever heard of a hidden halo before? It’s truly everything you never knew you’d need for your life. 

Custom Modern Engagement Rings 

MiaDonna Custom Modern Engagement Rings

Last but not least, these two custom modern engagement rings are unlike anything we’ve ever seen before! Inspired by existing MiaDonna designs with a modern, yet antique touch, they’re two lab-grown diamond rings we’d say a resounding “yes!” to! I’ll actually be dreaming about that one on the left tonight…

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We partnered with MiaDonna to bring you all the details on their conflict-free campaign, headlined by a whole lot of customized rings. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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