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5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Ceremony One to Remember


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Before we dive into REV. ROXY Birchfield's post, let's give her a proper introduction. REV. ROXY Birchfield is a renowned marriage minister and premarital counselor. Roxanne Birchfield is the founder and Elite Officiant for MARRIED by REV ROXY, an officiant and premarital counseling firm. Roxy is THE marriage ceremony officiant of choice for several high-profile celebrities featured on TV.

You may have seen her on Netflix's Love is Blind, Married at First Sight and Love & Hip-Hop, I sure have.

Essences Magazine proclaims, "Why I Think This Celebrity Wedding Officiant Is The Marriage Counselor You Need."

BRIDES refers to her as an expert in her field. 

The B Collective Magazine refers to Rev. Roxy as "The Wedding Officiant" and "Rising Star of 2019". 

Today, REV. ROXY Birchfield is sharing her expertise and tips with us so be sure to read on to learn REV Roxy's 5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Ceremony One to Remember.

Your wedding reception doesn't have to be the only fun part of your wedding day. Be the couple that has it all. Your wedding ceremony can be just as exciting yet meaningful, creative and the perfect display of who you are as a couple.

1. Love Notes/Personalized Vows

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I always encourage my clients to give their videographer as much of their voice throughout the day as possible. That way not only is their live wedding ceremony experience unique, but their video product will be unique and totally branded with them as a couple. 

2. Include Your Guests 

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My favorite thing to do for couples and their guest is to give the guest a tiny part somewhere in the ceremony. Whether it’s asking a community vow of support or asking a rhetorical question, they usually don’t expect it and the guest usually walk away feeling a part of the couple’s special day.

3. Transitions

REV. ROXY BirchfieldPhoto:

As an officiant I usually have memorized the total amount of transitions per ceremony. Transitions are just as important as the actions. My favorite transition to date was during a New Year’s Eve Wedding Ceremony I performed in New Orleans. The couple was presented to the guest and then they transitioned with a 2nd line band from the ceremony, to the street then into the wedding reception. This kept the entire evening fun and festive.

4. Ceremony Structure

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You could find fun ways to present the idea of having an unplugged wedding to your guest. Also, consider seating your guest in a more creative way than the traditional forward facing style? Don’t feel committed to what has traditionally been done. Focus on what legally needs to be done and build from there.

5. The Officiant

REV. ROXY BirchfieldPhoto:

Take some of the pressure off of yourselves on your wedding day by hiring someone who GETS YOU BOTH! It may sound totally crazy but some of the best officiants in the world have a process for gathering the information they need to create a precise ceremony that presents to your guest, in a nutshell, your vibe and culture as a couple. 

Be sure to keep up with REV. ROXY on Instagram to see all her latest.

REV. ROXY Birchfield

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