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5 Tips You Want to Know From a Wedding Photographer


Lane Dittoe Fine Art Weddings

We caught up with wedding photographer Lane Dittoe and asked him to share his advice to brides on their wedding day. Having been shooting weddings for over 15 years, he's definitely been to more weddings than you! He was also named one of the top west coast photographers by Martha Stewart, so fancy! Read on to find some gems of knowledge that you should keep in mind on your big day from this seasoned professional.

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Tip #1: Have all of your details together
Have your details all ready to go and in a specific place before your photographer arrives. Include your shoes, rings (be sure to grab his or her ring too for the photo) ad include things like stationery, dress on a nice hanger and any special heirlooms you might have. Time can really get away from you during the getting ready period and prepping your special things will definitely help you get the most of your photographer. 

BONUS PRO TIP: If you want these photos have your things ready, it is likely that they may not get shot later in the day simply because of the way the day progresses. It's best to do this first thing when you have the best lighting. 

Get ready in good light!

Tip #2: Choose a getting ready pLace with good light

Choose a a good getting ready area that matches the rest of your day and if possible. This will create a cohesive look throughout your entire day. Be sure it's got great light and plenty room for the you, your bridesmaids, your photographer and whoever else needs to be there. It's not easy to document your day if you are in a cramped space with low light. Light is key to a photographer getting good images. 

BONUS PRO TIP: This one is important to your photographer. Crowded and dark rooms with too many people can create bad energy. Remember why you hired your photographer - you like their photos so help them do their job!

Be sure your family knows when and where family photos are.

Tip #3: Plan in advance for family photos

Make sure everyone one knows where to be and what time to be there for family photos. This is especially important if photos are after a ceremony!

BONUS PRO TIP: This is so key and a huge time killer and can be very stressful if you are waiting on family memebers and losing light.

Black tie wedding.

Tip #4: Create a clear shot list

If you are providing a photography list, you can leave off the super obvious shots (family and wedding party photos and arrangements are standard for any seasoned photographer and not needed on a list)  so the list can easily be read.  You might include an important heirloom or very important people who are not family on this list.

BONUS PRO TIP: It’s super hard to be creative when you're working from a list of shots rather than being in the moment.

5 Tips You Want to Know From a Wedding Photographer

Tip # 5: Go with the flow

Have fun and go with the flow of the day! Weddings are an imperfect art form and they simply do not usually go as planned or timed, just like real life. A bride who is stressing the whole day can create a bad vibe and it can negatively affect her experience. It will be over before you know it.

BONUS PRO TIP: Let go and enjoy the day.

See more by Lane Dittoe at Casa Romantica in San Clemente and be sure to follow him on Instagram. Find your wedding photographer here.

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