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5 Tips On How to Be A Fun Bridesmaid From The Dessy Group


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Being a fun Bridesmaid doesn't mean that you party till the break of dawn or crack jokes every five seconds, it means much, much more. These helpful tips will put you in the right mind set to be a bridesmaid that everyone wants in their wedding party.

While you're reading these helpful tips from The Dessy Group, you will also notice some fantastic bridesmaid dresses. These romantic, classic bridesmaid dresses are from our collaboration with The Dessy Group. Super cute ... right? And all $150 and under. Yup, you read that correct, your dream bridesmaid dress $150 and under. See all the styles here. Now ... read on for 5 tips to be a fun bridesmaid. 

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#1 netflix and chilled rosé night

Rose all Day wine glasses

Netflix and Chilled Rose. Make sure your girl is okay and the moment you sense something wrong, plan some alone time with her. Instead of Netflix and Chill, throw your girl and Netflix and Chilled Rosé night with all her favorite chick flicks.
Below is a quick line up of our favorite chick flick movies to add to your queue. Unfortunately, a few of these are not on Netflix, but surely available on Amazon.

1. Bridesmaids (duh of course)
2. Mean Girls
3. 27 Dresses
4. Pitch Perfect
5. Bride Wars
6. Magic Mike

#2 be a go with the flow bridesmaid

pink bridesmaid dress

Wedding planning can be totally random and dynamic. It is impossible to be prepared 100 percent of the time. Dates, times and events will change. Go with the flow for the bride-to-be and you will instantly become her favorite fun bridesmaid. Why? Because you put her at ease and aren't causing extra stress.

How relaxed and at ease does Jade look in this long flowy bridesmaid dress from The Desssy Group? Best Bridesmaid Ever.

#3 just do it for her

hand calligrpahy wedding invites in gold

You know when you say to someone, "let me know if you need any help." Typically they will never ask you for help and will just do it themselves. Offer up to help the bride-to-be with specific wedding tasks. Like let me help you find a rehearsal dinner location. Be specific.

Below is a list of things we know require a bit of man power. Trust us, the tasks are endless!  Photo above captured by Ashley Goodwin Photography and Calligraphy By Sarah Pearl Studio.

1. Stuff the wedding invites
2. Help with DIY projects
3. Open up wedding invites to check RSVPs
4. Update the wedding website with all the wedding info

#4 it's her bachelorette  party

sun tanning in Mexico

Everybody has their vision of their perfect wedding, bridal shower and of course bachelorette party. Be sure to add her to the conversation and throw her events that are so her. My idea of a perfect bachelorette party would be hanging out with my girls and just relaxing by the pool.

#5 don't bitch about the dress

Dessy + Wedding Chicks bridesmaid dresses.

Lucky for you we collaborated with Dessy to create some very cute bridesmaid dresses that are affordable. Remember they are under $150 and we have a ton of styles.  You can see all the looks and combinations here. You're welcome, you won't have to bitch about the dress! Sadly some of you bridesmaids out there won't love your dress that the bride-to-be picked out for you - but refer above and go with the flow.

Technically it is the only thing you really have to do for her. Wear the dress and  suck it up. If it it's not your color, style or cut just put it on and smile for the camera. It's only day and we really want to be a fun bridesmaid. 


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