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5 Tips for Saying "Yes" to Your Dress


5 Tips for Saying "Yes" to Your Dress

Don't have Too many booties in the boutique

Don't have too many cooks in the kitchen (or shall we say "booties in the boutique!"). We recommend keeping your guest list under four people to really make this day focused and intentional. An odd number of hype lovers will keep decision making easier. If you've got an even number of four sitting on the white vintage settee, they're all going to be jaw dropping when you exit the dressing room anyway, but a group of three makes it a perfect party without letting things get out of hand. Everyone that joins you to pick out your gown should have your best interest in mind, but if you've got to have just one wild cousin at least make sure Aunt Karen is there to rope her in. 

5 Tips for Saying "Yes" to Your Dress

Make a weekend out of it

Go somewhere your heart has been craving or plan for a location you've been eyeing up all quarantine. You might not be able to take your whole bridal party to Napa Valley for your bach but you and your mom can make that drive up the coast to the wine country of Virginia together. Take the trip, enjoy the journey, buy the dress. You won't regret it. 

5 Tips for Saying "Yes" to Your Dress

Go in with some ideas but keep an open mind

Go crazy and spend your lazy days pinning on Pinterest and archiving posts on Instagram but keep in mind dresses can take on a whole new look with every beautiful body shape there is. It's also a good idea to remember your overall vision for your wedding day. Let your aesthetic help shape your texture, sheen, and color hue. However, don't limit yourself to a certain fit. 

5 Tips for Saying "Yes" to Your Dress

Hire a professional photographer

Hire a professional photographer to document the morning or afternoon. Whether you're grabbing brunch in the city or headed to the beach in the afternoon after a morning of boutique hopping, document this memory so you can share it with your SO later. 

5 Tips for Saying "Yes" to Your Dress

Finally, have fun and laugh a lot

Your wedding day and everything that comes with it is about the love. Share that love with your best friends and hang on to it forever. These are memories that you will have for a lifetime.

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