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5 Times The Bride Should Receive A Gift


5 Times The Bride Should Receive A Gift

A gift to the bride can be a very special reminder of her wedding as well as an heirloom that can be passed on to future generations. We love the idea of continuing this gift giving through all of the important milestones in her life. We're giving you the scoop on 5 times the bride should receive a gift and it spans well beyond the wedding. We've partnered with Simon G. to share some exquisite gift ideas and some very important milestones that are a perfect time to give them.

1. A gift on the wedding day

5 Times The Bride Should Receive A Gift Day of Wedding Gift:

In all honesty, the bride-to-be is already getting the ultimate gift when it comes to saying ‘I Do’ to the love of her life. BUT, some extra bling for the is never a bad thing, right? We’re crazy about this statement ring, featuring white diamonds surrounding a beyond-beautiful blue gemstone. While we wouldn’t necessarily recommend a ring party for the big day, after all, her fingers have enough going on with her engagement ring and newly minted wedding band, gifting her this stunning sparkler is the perfect way to knock out the ‘something new’ AND ‘something blue.’ She can rock it on a future occasion or perhaps even when you’re on your honeymoon. Conversation piece for chatting up other newlywed couples at the pool? Seriously, she’ll have all the other Mrs. genuinely jealous… just sayin’.

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How lovely is this Simon G. engagement ring with this purrrfect mug?

2. A gift from parents or in-laws to the bride

5 Times The Bride Should Receive A Gift A gift from parents or in-laws to the bride:

What about something from mom and dad or her new set of parents? Whether you’re gifting her, then giving her away or gifting her as a way to celebrate her officially becoming ‘part of the fam,’ you’re sure to get some serious smiles from the blushing bride. Especially if she’s opening up a box with a pair of these earrings inside. The white gold stud earrings are all kinds of classic and the round diamonds encircling a ridiculously-radiant center diamond are the perfect finishing touch to her aisle-ready ensemble. We can already imagine the Hallmark-esque inscriptions - “To our little girl on her most important day, here’s a pair of earrings from the pair of people who has loved you since the very beginning.” If she’s spending the night before her wedding at home, we think it’d be so special to gift her while saying goodnight. If she’s getting ready in the morning and starting to put in her earrings, interrupt her for just a minute and ask her if she wants to swap these sublime studs instead.

3. Anniversary Gift

5 Times The Bride Should Receive A Gift Anniversary Gift:

Whether it’s one or 10 years later, a wedding anniversary is ever special; you certainly don’t have to wait 60 years to do it up with diamonds. They’re a girl’s best friend, remember? We love the idea of gifting her with an anniversary band that glistens the way her smile does when she thinks of you. Either to match her wedding band or to complement a stacked ring scenario, this white gold band with inset round diamonds is as trendy as it is timeless. It’s also a sweet way to add some new dimension to her ring finger and she doesn’t have to worry about mixing metals, either, because this white gold band plays perfectly with yellow and rose gold too. The thing about anniversaries is... they happen every year, so if you’re reminiscing about your ‘I Dos’ with a new ring in rotation, your lucky lady will have delightfully decked-out digits in no time.

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This lucky lady received this Simon G. ring for her anniversary.

4. Push Present 

5 Times The Bride Should Receive A Gift Push Present:

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a beautiful blessing after a totally hellish L&D (labor and delivery) experience. Whether your partner welcomed your child via natural childbirth, a C-section, or months+years of adoption anxieties and finally, a silver lining, she deserves a little reward after the tough time(s). Treat her to a push present that literally has her silenced with surprise - because let’s be real, peace and quiet are likely to be in short supply in the very near future. Couple your bouquet of red, ‘I LOVE YOU’ roses with this equally romantic rose gold fashion ring. The white, round brilliant diamonds are really the icing on the cake, because the 8.89carat watermelon tourmaline stone is really pulling rank. Only fitting after squeezing something the size of a watermelon out, right? The sheer beauty of this fine bauble might just make her overlook the whole OMG-having-a-baby-is-bonkers ordeal.

5. Vow Renewal

5 Times The Bride Should Receive A Gift Vow Renewal Gift:

We’ve all done it, gotten lost on Instagram pouring through wedding photos of a gorgeous bride, her grinning groom and their special day. The perfection at play has us considering re-doing our ‘I Dos’ and why not? There will be cake, couture and an adorably cute and obviously older and wiser husband or wife in the wings. If you decide to take the plunge a second time, we’re big fans of getting upgrades all across the board. That means your ring should get a makeover, too! Keep the essence of your ring (and the amazing memories of saying ‘YES’) and the stone intact, but try out a new setting. You can do it together, too, and what’s the saying again - the couple that designs rings together, stays together? Think it’s something like that... 

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