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5 Things You Should Keep in Mind when Planning Your Beach Wedding


5 Tips for Planning a Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are romantic and beautiful and fulfill a fantasy many of us dream of, whether bride or groom. There's something so liberating about professing your love to one another on a sandy shore with the waves behind. See more of this charming beach wedding here. Be sure to read on for 5 things you should keep in mind when planning your beach wedding and peruse all of the lovely wedding stationery from Minted.


Be Aware of the Elements

As picturesque as the beach can seem, it's definitely prone to some weather conditions. Remember that with the beach comes harsh sun, gusty winds, sea spray, and uneven sand. Depending on where you are, the temperatures can range from blazing hot to freezing cold. Be aware of what the beach can hold and plan for it. Be sure to inform your guests that they will be attending a beach wedding in advance. How pretty would these simple agate invitations above be for a waterfront wedding?

beach wedding tips

Plan Accordingly for Your Dress

In every sense, consider your dress. Your actual dress, your hair and your shoes. Are you ok with your train sweeping over the sand or will you choose a gown with no train? How will you wear your hair? It's likely going to be windy on your big day at a seaside wedding so depending on your hair type consider if up or down is going to be best for you! I personally have very fine hair and would look like an old mop if I wore my hair down at the beach. Nobody wants that. How about your shoes. How well do you think that sexy Jimmy Choo stiletto heel will fair in the sand? Thing ahead and plan an alternate shoe for the ceremony and save your Jimmys for the reception.

canyon wedding

Consider Your Guests

Consider your guests in advance. Everyone loves the beauty and scenery of the beach, but staring into the sun for an hour is a bit headache inducing for anyone. Provide some share or inform guests of the conditions so they can bring along some sunglasses. Parasols are pretty, but they block other guests' views, think about way to keep your guest comfortable so they can concentrate on enjoying your lovefest rather than being too hot, too cold or blinded by the sun. 

Canyon wedding stationery by Minted artist Kelly Nasuta, The Norah Mae heirloom ring box by The Mrs Box and photo by Canary Grey.

beach wedding

Consider Others Who Enjoy the Beach that Day

Unless you are on a private beach or deserted isle, you are most likely not going to be the only ones enjoying mother nature that day. Are you going to be ok with people swimming, surfing and frolicking in swimsuits during your ceremony?  If that bothers you, abort mission and choose a different venue. You will not be able to control the actions of anyone in a public place. 

Minted Save the Dates

Is this thing on?

How important is it to you that your guests hear the vows you share with your partner? Perhaps you would be just as happy for them to simply witness the exchange. There are a few auditory factors to contemplate. The wind is pretty noisy as-is, but we all know what it sounds like when amplified through a microphone. Sound systems can sometimes be tricky on the beach. The waves can definitely pack a sound punch as well, not to mention the birds and others enjoying a public space. on your special day. Some of us don't really mind these factors and beach weddings are perfect for us! Others can't deal, so maybe not-so-much on the seaside nuptials.

Photo and styling by Jessi Gilbert

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