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5 Things Men Should Never Say to Women


5 Things Men Should Never Say to Women

We can only be pushed so far. We all have that EXACT breaking point when we just literally can't even. Especially when our partner says something that knocks us off our hinges. I'm sharing 5 things that men should never say to women. Ever. Stop, just stop. Guys, PLEASE. 

Think a little before you say it, even the tiniest bit of thought might save you from a world of hurt. I know that #5 is going to be at the top of the blood-boiling point for most women. Bitches be angry, but we didn't get angry by ourselves.

In addition to the top 5 things that should never be said to a woman, I'm including some alternatives in a little SAY THIS NOT THAT segment. Look guys, I am on your side. I'm just trying to help. Ladies, just casually send him this link. He might learn from it.

Are you going to eat that?

Umm, yes. I'm going to eat that. I have a personal beef with this one. One day while on a romantic walk with my then BF in Tiburon. We stopped for some cappuccinos and he picked up a scone. As we strolled down in bliss along the Pacific, I asked for a bite of his scone. His reply was SAVAGE. "I've never dated someone who eats scones." GFYS - GIVE ME THE FREAKING SCONE. Needless to say, I ate that scone. I ate the hell out of that scone.

Just another helpful hint of what not to say while eating with your lady. At lunch, dinner, breakfast, snack time or any meal, in fact. (Cleans entire plate.) "Baby, you were hungry. Good job!" Smh

Say This Not That

Do you want a bite of mine?
Do you want some more?
Do you want dessert?
How's your scone?
Do you want another one?
Put that gluten free scone down, eat this one!

Why are you so dressed up?

Just because I put on clean clothes, brushed my hair and may have applied a little lipgloss does not mean I AM DRESSED UP. This question sends most women into an immediate emotional vortex. What's wrong with us just wanting to look nice? Looking nice makes us feel good until you ask us why we are dressed up, then it makes feel really bad.

Say This Not That

You look nice.
Did you just get a blowout?
Those heels make you the perfect height.
I want to take you out, let's go somewhere!
You look so cute.

Do you want to meet me there?

Be a gentleman and pick me up. If we are coming from opposite directions, I understand. If not, let's carpool! It's better together. It's way more fun to drive together, park together and arrive together. Beep beep, I'll be right out!

Say This Not That

What time shall I pick you up?
Let's meet at my place and we can go together!
I made a fun playlist for the drive!

You should smile more.

If I felt like smiling, I would smile. This is just my face. You got me, I'm guilty of resting bitch face. Seriously, if I am happy I'll be smiling. It's also important to remember that I am not here just to please you with my dazzling smile.

Say This Not That

You are so pretty.
How are you feeling?
How was your day?

Is it your time of the month?

Unless you're asking because you have an armful of Midol, a gallon of ice cream, a heating pad, a family size bag of chips, a shot of tequila and a box of my favorite tampons. Then NO. Just no.

Say This Not That

Can I get you anything?
Do you want to talk about your feelings?
Do you want a donut?
Can I get you anything?
Do you want me to stop talking?