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5 Spice Girls Songs That Are So Royal Wedding Worthy


Spice Girls Victoria Beckham Royal WeddingPhoto:

Alright, so as if we couldn’t get anyyyy more excited about May 19 (literally, cannot even believe there will be a new royal wifey in the world so soon), we just pseudo learned that Baby, Ginger, Posh, Scary and Sporty were all invited - oh, and there’s a CHANCE they might be performing. Mic drop, done.

Thank youuu to Mel B for going on The Real yesterday and basically being honest to a fault. The crew, Jeannie, Loni and Adrienne legit lost it when Mel started spilling about her ‘proper’ invite to Prince Harry and Meghan’s big day, and they had no issues pushing her for all the deets, including whether or not they’d be putting on some platforms and taking the stage (once she had opened the floodgates).

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Well, while it’s still completely confidential whether our favorite female fivesome will all be in attendance for the royal wedding - we’re just crossing fingers (nah, ✌️✌️✌️actually) and sucking on some Chupa Chups until that sacred Saturday. When we might get some answers.

As one of the biggest Spice Girls groupies, I’m sooo shook about the potential for a reunion. Pretty sure I set my VCR on fire after watching Spice World just one too many times. Not even kidding. Even Victoria has been dropping some hints about a 2018 collab, so who knows, maybe Harry and Meghan are just kicking off the tour. And I’m not alone in my stokedness. This Tweet is all of us. 🙌

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Anyway, figured it was as good a time as any to start piecing together the perfect Spice set list for the occasion. Slash, really, even if they don’t perform, these tracks are kind of kindred to the entire event. Please tell us if you think anything is out of place….

Meghan’s Dress

Alright, so ALL of us are dying to know what the future Duchess of Sussex is going to rock for her walk down the aisle. And with months of speculation pointing to a dress/designer that isn’t totally traditional, we really hope she decides to break the rules. She’s just gotta “Do It.” ❣️ 

Walk Down the Aisle

It’s been a back and forth discussion over who Meghan will walk down the aisle with. And we love a classic stroll with dad as much as the next person, but since the former Suits star has such a close bond with her “Mama,” we think she should be there to accompany her.

When these two say ‘I Do’ there’s really nothing more appropriate than Say You’ll Be There. Let’s just remember those lyrics - “I'm giving you everything, all that joy can bring, this I swear. And all that I want from you, is the promise you will be there. Yeah, I want you.”

The Party 

The soon-to-be-wed pair has two receptions planned - according to what we know so far - but we’re thinking that the real party will go down later in the day, at the private celebration hosted by Prince Charles. Maybe they’ll eat banana cake, maybe they’ll treat their guests to some greasy late-night bites, whatever happens, it should just “Spice Up” everyone’s lives.

After Hours

Three words: wedding night sex. For sure, “2 Become 1.”

Also… to all of Prince Harry’s exes who are receiving invites. You’re just wannabes…. Whoops!

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