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5 Simple Sex Tips That Every Man Should Read


5 Simple Sex Tips That Every Man Should ReadPhoto:

Sex is a natural part of your relationship. Religion and other factors have brought great shame to sex and pleasure, but let's knock that off why don't we? We have no shame in doing any other activities that bring us pleasure. So let's not have shame about what makes our bodies feel good. We want to feel good, you want to feel good so it seems pretty simple. Here are 5 simple sex tips that every man should read. Oh, and ladies please feel free to comment if you'd like to share anything.

The Girls

Gentleman, our lady parts are sensitive and should be treated with care. Much like your family jewels, it's not super pleasant when you bat at our boobies, twist our tatas or mangle our mammaries. A good rule of thumb is try out your moves on your personal gems and see if it gives you pain or pleasure. You think I'm kidding, but just try pinching one of your boys as hard as you pinch our nipple and see if that's an instant boner killer. Be nice to the sisters (•) (•).

The Oral (hygiene)

Every girl, and I do mean every girl, loves a clean fresh mouth. Do yourself a favor and keep that oral hygiene tight. That means at the bare minimum brushing twice a day, as well flossing and rinsing daily. A great smile can be far superior to your bulging biceps.

The Lube

I just want to slip this in for good measure. Fellas, if you aren't salivatory-ly gifted it's a good idea to have some kind of lubricating accouterments. Wetter is better. It's just a fact. Too much friction is not pleasant and we're there for the pleasure too. Novel, I know. For those of you who were unsure, in any intimate relationship, your parter is an equal part of the pleasure seeking equation.  

The Sensi Spot

The clitorus, guys, is the most sensitive part of our bodies and should be handled with great great care. Gentle. Start with gentle then listen to your partner's cues. You may want to consult OMGYes for some scientific facts. Again, please refer to your personal huevos to test out any sort of pressure right there to see what's tolerable. Every woman is different, but it's safe to assume violent activity is off-putting to say the least for most.

The Aural

Excuse me, what did you just say? Men, ask your lady if she likes to be called a degrading name, a good girl, or a bad girl in the heat of it all. Maybe don't just throw those out there wishing for the best. That my friends, for some, can be an instant orgasm absconder. On that note, ask questions. Do you like this or that? Does this feel good or bad? Also, offer up what you like and what feels good for you.

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