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5 Reasons Your Groom’s Gotta Know About The Black Tux


The Black Tux - Groom's Style Game Changer

Okay, so I’ve known my husband for 16 years now. We started dating our senior year of highschool, and have been together ever since. From our junior and senior proms to my college senior ball, my sorority formals to our wedding day, we’ve seen each other all-decked-out dozen+ times throughout the years. And while I’ve always had a new ensemble to celebrate whatever the occasion, my guy has shown up in the same black tux to all of the above. Pause, it was grey for our wedding day, and I can’t say it was awful, he looked hella fine #andhewasallmine.

Nevertheless, even though he wasn’t wearing the same suit to all of these events, he might as well have been, because the experience at the tux shop was eerily the same across the board: the styles available were limited and made of sub-par materials, the measurements were always wrong leading to ill-fitting wardrobing, and returning the garment was annoying (especially if you’re not exactly feeling 100 percent after a night of drinking, partying, saying ‘I Do,’ and getting ready for your honeymoon). I wasn’t as deep into my wedding industry career back then, otherwise I would have made a helpful and informed recommendation to have him consider an option like The Black Tux, which rents high-end suits and tuxedos online and delivers the goods straight to your door. But, my brother-in-law is just starting to think about his groom getup for his and my sister’s wedding this fall, so we’re putting in our two cents RN!

Andrew Blackmon and Patrick Coyne founded their company as a way to change the narrative in the suit and tuxedo rental game. Andrew was getting married, and all of his groomsmen followed suit in getting their tuxes for the big day - they all took a trip to the tux shop to get fitted, then another trip to pick the tuxes up on the big day, and then a third trip to return the tuxes. It was a classic tale, but one that Andrew and Patrick were frankly over at this point. They wanted the experience to be easier and more enjoyable - basically a better option for renting a tux. So, after a year of industry research, fabric mill tours halfway around the world, and troubleshooting the pain points of traditional rentals, Andrew and Patrick started The Black Tux.

The Black Tux - Groom's Style Game Changer

“There’s gotta be a better way, right?!” Well, when it comes to the changing that rental reputation and resetting expectations with a simple rental process, a better fit, and the finest wool available, the team at The Black Tux is doing it. And not just because they’ve put an end to polyester, although that’s def high up on the 👍 list.

Here are a few more reasons you’ll want your groom to give The Black Tux a try for your wedding day (and hopefully every other decorous occasion to follow).

YOUR GUY won't just ride your coattails when it comes to wedding day fierceness. He'LL have his own

Okay, yes, he can do a classic black tux (because The Black Tux does it just right 👌), but that’s just the beginning of what formalwear can be for your boy. Their collection includes all the classics, like the Peak Lapel Tuxedo, alongside suits that push the envelope with their poshness, like this great Grey Suit. And you can be sure he’ll show up at the altar with a look that will fit him perfectly. In addition to better suits and an easier process, The Black Tux’s team of ‘Fit Specialists’ checks every order to make sure the sizes your groom and his guys have requested make sense for their body and build. So, buh-bye to all those awkwardly-fitting fashion faux pas.

your guy can streamline the entire suit or tux renting process for his squade

Let’s be honest, what guy wants to worry about whether his wedding party has actually finished ordering their suits? And traditional tux shops are notorious for leaving you in the dark, adding unnecessary stress (plus extra concerns for the wifey, too). To help, The Black Tux has made renting for weddings a total piece of cake. All he’ll need to do is choose a custom look for his wedding party, or pick from the company’s professionally-styled and curated complete outfits.

Your groom can browse the entire cache online or an request a free home try-on to see their suits in person. And once he’s made his choices, The Black Tux will email everyone with a look that’s ready to rent. Then, he can track his wedding party’s progress online as they set up their account, submit their sizes (so easy), and complete checkout to reserve their sizes for your big day. So you can feel confident that he’s keeping tabs on his guys.

The Black Tux - Groom's Style Game Changer

your hubby-to-be won't be trying on his duds too late in the game

Yah, it’s a little scary to think about renting a suit online, especially one for the biggest day of your life, but The Black Tux ensures delivery a full 14 days before the big event - so if there are any problems, they can be fixed ASAP. Seriously, if something’s not 100-percent perfect, let the team know and they’ll send a new tux or suit right away - for free.

This goes for the groomsmen too! So you can avoid your guy’s bestie walking your bestie down the aisle with tux arms that are WAY too long - or your cousin showing up to pictures without his cummerbund, because umm the tux store forgot it? 🙋🏻 for real, this happened to us. Had the guys had their apparel for more than 5 minutes before the wedding, we would have noticed the issues right away…. Oh well.

your brigade of boys doesn't need to do much to make the returns

Okay, anyone else guilty of needing to make a pit spot at the tux shop to drop off their husband, boyfriend, son’s tux post-event? Once the wedding is over, no guy wants to pause their life to go back to the tux shop for returns. No girl, either, but that’s neither here nor there. But The Black Tux has simplified EVEN THAT. They’ll cover return shipping - all you’ll need to do is put your order back in the box it arrived in, use the provided return label, and send it back within 3 days. Oh, and they’ll send everyone a reminder too, so there’s really NO reason anyone should be delinquent on their drop off.

your groom might just earn some pre-wedding 'I love you' points for good behavior

Regardless of the ‘I’m a groom, all I care about is the open bar, food and entertainment’ stereotype, every guy would still admit that he wants to be a part of it - and help - but he might not know where to start. Apart from awaiting further instructions from their partner, they kind of have to figure things out on their own, and that can be hella intimidating. So, The Black Tux is serving as a surrogate Best Man, just for this purpose - to make sure your man is at his best. They’ve put together a complete Groom’s Guide to help guys plan a wedding they can be proud of, and look damn good doing it (🙌 🙌 wifey can get down with that). The guide is packed with useful tips on everything from writing vows to finding the perfect wedding day outfit, so after you’ve passed along your female vote of confidence for The Black Tux cause, maybe just leave this page open, too, and let him think he found it all on his own 😉

The Black Tux - Groom's Style Game Changer

And if you’re still not convinced your guy will be showing up looking as hot as Mr. Christian Grey after all of the above… then just check out these dapper dudes . And some of their handsome entourages 👉 #flawless.

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