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5 Reasons We’re All About Sleepovers Before the Wedding Day


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Remember when we said that spending the night before your wedding day apart from your soon-to-be spouse was ‘SO SMART?” Well, we weren’t playing. It’s a great decision. And our pals at Le Rose, the girls who wrote the book on stylish bridal party prepping, just rolled out a brand-new collection of ‘Sleep’ wear that couldn’t be ANY cuter - so, we put together a few ideas for making this night before ‘I Dos’ a total done deal. If you grab the Firestick, chips and guac ((and who are we kidding, lots of queso)), chick flicks, and lavender sleep sprays, we’ll take care of the outfits, courtesy of Le Rose.

In no particular order of importance, here are a few reasons...

Why we’re suckers for slumber parties the night before you get married

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Girl talk.

Let’s be honest, some of the best, most insightful+provocative+encouraging conversations in life happened at sleepover parties. And when you’re adulting hard every day, sleepovers ((as we used to know them)) stop happening//are replaced with sleepovers that have more to do with hookups and hot-mess-ness - no judgmenttttt, we’ve all been there! So, it’s nice to be able to hunker down with your crew before saying the official ‘byebye’ to singlehood, and talk about all of your hopes and dreams for the next day and well beyond. Mixed, of course, with anxieties over how your honey will look the next day and whether you’ll like your hair and makeup, and a strategy sesh on which single dudes might be 👌 for your #sosingle bestie.

Sleep By Le Rose Collection Meghan Sweet Bloom Cotton Short Pajama Set

Sober squad. 

On the night before my wedding, I went back to my hotel suite with my mom, sister, and two younger cousins, counted up all the cash I collected from my bridesmaids to give to our glam squad in the AM, and pretty much crashed within an hour or two. My hubby-to-be on the other hand, stayed at the restaurant (where we had our rehearsal dinner) bar, and had a few nerve-settling drinks with his brother and best friend. Not saying that I’d be out getting lit if I weren’t shacking up with my sisters, but I’d definitely say that retiring early following the rehearsal dinner was a solid idea. TV, snacks from the vending machine, and lots of pre-wedding-day water was everything I needed. If there’s anything all those pre-teen nights with my BFFs taught me - it’s that sour gummy worms are the cure for anything. Including wedding eve scaries.

No one left behind.

Another reason why sleepovers are a seriously-smart situation the night before the wedding: everyone is there and accounted for. Even if you do stay out for a glass of bubbly before snoozing, you’ll all be together and no one will get left behind. You can plan out your shower schedules for the evening or the morning, so that everyone is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for when hair and makeup show up. And you won’t need to furiously text any of the girls to ask where TF they are, because they’ll be there, even if it IS dozing in a sleeping bag. Plus, the bestttt part about hotel sleepovers versus home sleepovers, room service or a baller continental breakfast. The group that pancakes together, stays together. Amirite?!?!!

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No guesses with glam goals.

Now, we def wouldn’t advise testing out new beauty trends or rituals the night before your wedding - like dosing up on high-impact retinoids ((needs to happen slowly, brides!!)). You never know how your skin might react, and you don’t want to be stressing over irritated, puffy skin on your wedding day, the kind that even the best makeup artists don’t know how to fix. But if you have a pretty basic skin care routine, pre-bed ritual that you can get your maids in on, then why not include them? Get out your masks, cleansers, exfoliants, etc. and have a throwback-worthy slumber party spa night. It’s also a great idea to lowkey get your girls to tell you what they’re envisioning for their hairdo and makeup job the next day. If they don’t vibe with the look(s) you’re going for, then veto that ish!!

Dress code: adorable AF. 

Literally the best part of a sleepover, always. Seriously, when you’re 20 or 30-something, sleepwear falls into a few different categories - none at all, lingerie, our guys’ oversized tees, or a worn-to-death pair of yoga pants and a tank - none of which are really exciting or fill us with the same joy we used to have when we’d put on a set of silky, satin PJs in the ‘90s. So, Le Rose’s newest ‘Sleep By Le Rose' unveiling is pretty much 🙌🙌🙌. Featuring personalized sleep sets (both short and long) and cotton boyfriend shirts, in gorgeous floral prints and haute hues, these launches make for the perfect uniform for you and your girls. All of the options arrive beautifully-packaged in a gift bag, with a gift tag illustrated exclusively for Le Rose by 'Blacklist,’ which makes them totally giftable. Bring them to the rehearsal dinner, tell your ladies that they’re cordially invited to your soon-to-be-married sleepover, and that they’re required to ‘dress the part.’

Sleep By Le Rose Collection Alice Cotton Long Pajama Set

Add to their ensem their name or initials embroidered, and they’ll be so in love. Just make sure you document the evening with lots of pics, and keep the super comfortable outfits on for the professional photos in the morning. These photograph phenomenally. Plus, if anyone has to make a run out to the liquor store for some more mimosa bar materials or caffeine, all of these new tops look ah-maze with a great pair of jeans. Even the ‘babes’ booty shorts wouldn’t embarrass out in public 😉 C'mon, that’s a tribe that every girl would LOVE to be a part of.

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We partnered with Le Rose to share the perfect dress code for your pre-wedding slumber party. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!