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5 Reasons Every Bride Should Be Buzzing About Weddingbee


Reasons to Love WeddingbeePhoto:

It’s been a while since I was a bride myself, but I vividly remember alllllll of the times I jumped on my laptop way back when - searching for answers about wedding themes, photography styles, and ways to delicately handle uninviting someone from the bridal party. Yes, I know, worst bride decorum ever. I had too many bridesmaids, one wasn’t even sure if she could make it to the wedding, let alone stand with me up there, it just had to be done…. 3+ years later, and I’m still ashamed.

It was in those moments that I hoped there was some resource out there that could understand my whimsy wedding vibe, help me decide on the best photo protocol (I wanted photojournalistic, and I ended up with more posey pics. Meh, you live and you learn), and chill me out when I was having nightly panic attacks about my bridesmaid drama and whether I truly needed to spend an extra $150 on glitter dust for our wedding cake. Answer - yes, I did, you always say yes to glitter, even if it costs more. I did find Weddingbee along the way, but I wish I had invested more time in navigating the site, because it’s a GOLD MINE of useful information, advice, classifieds, conversations among real brides.

Since we’re in the thick of proposal season, with Valentine’s Day - one of the biggest days of the year for engagements - right around the corner, we thought it’d be the perfect time to talk about reasons why every bride and their honey should be using Weddingbee.

It's a judgement-free zone, so you can let it all out

Weddings and the brides that have them are notorious for being judgy AF. And to be honest, there should be none of it. It’s a special day for two people, and there’s no room for Four Weddings-like gossip and cattiness. Weddingbee provides a safe haven for brides to come for advice, share horror stories, and learn more about themselves in an approachable, friendly and inclusive manner.

It's Advice when you want it, distraction when you need it

The site, which was started in 2006 by a blogger who was planning her own wedding, has pages and pages of fun, informational and recreational content. So, if you’re looking for counsel on how to “keep your excitement going after your engagement has happened” or need advice on “when to start booking wedding services” you can certainly find it. But you can also stay for some less pressure-some prescriptions to peruse. You know, like “spa treatments to help the bride relax for the big day

you can bond with your bride (month) twins

Not only does Weddingbee have the best Reddit-like message boards for stressed-out, confused, angry or just-in-need-of-a-vent brides, but you can also catch up with a community of soon-to-be-weds who are getting married the same time you are! So, you can truly go through the process of planning, exchanging vows, honeymooning and dealing with post-wedding blues together. Solidarity sisters!!

you can register with a retailer or scoop up some barely-used goodies from other brides

Weddingbee already has a swarm of excellent registry retail partners for couples to take a look at and figure out their registry style -- and if they don’t already know what they need, they can take a couple quizzes to figure it out (survey says -- I’m a “Contemporary Eclectic”). But what’s even cooler is the site’s classifieds! You can purchase or sell any of your gently-used wedding items - so if you’re looking to score your ‘something borrowed’ or pay it forward to another bride, you can do it swiftly and safely! From cake toppers to card boxes, fancy fabric napkins to fine gold chargers, there are tons of treasures to behold for the bride.

you don't have to leave the hive after the wedding

Once your wedding is over, you don’t have to peace from the hive! The site will be accepting Real Weddings submissions soon - so you can relive the happy moments from your special day - and share the highlights with the other bride bees you buzzed with along the way. And as you’re outfitting your new home together, falling into a newlywed routine, start thinking about building a family, going through growing pains (both physically and emotionally!), the Weddingbee community is right there with you!

Catch up with what’s happening in the beehive here and don’t forget to follow along @weddingbee.

Cover photo courtesy of Benjaminrobyn Jespersen on Unsplash

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