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5 Photo Booth Ideas for Your Wedding


5 Photo Booth Ideas for Your Wedding

You may have seen a photo booth activity done spectacularly well at a kid’s birthday party and just loved how the kids got lost in the experience. But, did you ever think it could be just as fun at your wedding? If you’re a bride or groom planning your big day, and you would like a photo booth at your wedding, here are some tips on how to make this highly interactive party element a hugely memorable activity for your wedding guests too.


5 Photo Booth Ideas for Your Wedding

The background you place in your photo booth is probably the most creative part of setting up for success, and luckily you have options. You can buy or rent a portable backdrop stand, or a staging system that will hold it in place. Go with a single color to start with, maybe silver, gold, or the standard white, gray, or black—all classic colors. If you have a floral theme, you could also incorporate the florals from the wedding into your backdrop. However, keep it simple. You want to inspire your guests to be interesting in their pictures, and so don’t distract with overly complex backgrounds.


5 Photo Booth Ideas for Your Wedding

Furniture will add character and amusement to your photos, and also encourage your guests to pose in a variety of positions. Add a couple of stools that can be moved around, or go for a love seat or a couch. Furniture adds multiple levels to photographs and encourages guests to include larger groups of people, some sitting, standing, and some even laying across the floor! If you can inspire more people to get in on group photos, you are sure to get at least one amusing, cheery photo of each of your individual guests.


5 Photo Booth Ideas for Your Wedding

Encouraging guests to interact in amusing ways is what a photo booth is all about, and one way to do that is to add props that make your photos more interesting. Here’s an example: create a country-side or Old Western theme, by adding cedar barrels, or you could set up witty slogans and silly sayings on wall-mounted sign holders that add humor to the photos. And don’t forget to provide a few costumes, silly glasses, hats, and wigs too! Props are going to make your photo booth much, much more fun!


5 Photo Booth Ideas for Your Wedding

Setting up a fun, photo booth activity is only half the battle—you also have to inspire guests to have fun with it. That is where great signage is going to make a world of difference. Start by dropping a sign into an attractive poster stand outside your photo booth to invite your guests inside. And then remind them a few more times with other signs around your wedding space to direct people to it. Small, acrylic sign holders on reception tables are great for this, since they are easily placed where people will be sure to see them, and you can move them around to different places easily. And here’s a tip: print some of the first images taken in your photo booth and add them to your sign holders. Seeing others having fun in your photo booth will inspire other guests to do so too!


If you feel confident in your ability to set your camera correctly, and the lighting as well, then you are ready to go. Otherwise, you could always enlist a professional photographer. It will cost more, but you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you will have quality photos at the end. Alternatively, you are sure to find event companies in your area that rent easy-to-set-up-and-operate, photo booths, including props and costumes. And just because you hire a photo booth or professional, doesn’t mean you can’t add your own personalized touch. You could always add your own props and decorations to the mix of photo fun!

We say, just go for it! You will not regret having an amazingly interactive and fun photo booth for your wedding guests. And, if you need help planning your photo booth experience, contact the experts at shopPOPdisplays. We have years of experience designing customized spaces for our clients and we can help make your wedding an unforgettable experience! 

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