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5 Out-of-the-Box Wedding Photos Ideas From CanvasDiscount

print wedding photos on cavas shares with us 5 Out-of-the-box wedding photos ideas that will make You say “I DO” every day. Read on to hear how you can make memorable wedding photos, plus see below to see how you can order a FREE CANVAS.

Oh, Wedding, the day of eternal vows, seemingly never-ending resources of champagne and a loads of great and, without kidding anyone, not-so-great photos. Regardless of the quality or the lack thereof, every single wedding photo bears a special, sentimental vibe and can be later used to create an equally special photo decor.  If you have photos -   can print them at a fantastic price.

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Have a penchant for all kinds of disposable photo experiments? Good for you! Grab a set of disposable cameras (  you can get 20 of them for just 99$ on Ebay) and let the guests document the day! The 8” x 8” square canvases will be a perfect solution for displaying your guests photos.


Thematic photo corners might seem a bit trite, but as long as you’re clever in your choice of props, the fate is still in your hands. So, throw aside sombreros and fake fruits to welcome some genuinely tasteful fun instead! Draw signs with funny slogans or “inner thoughts” (reasonably polite, though) and make the guests hold them while they’re being photographed. The way their facial expression will (or will not) correspond with a sign will be priceless! You might actually create a story (based on the texts) and position the resulting photo canvases next to each other. To create a “bigger picture” you know. 

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Stepping down back to earth, you might actually enjoy a classic, romantic wedding photo. However, you might still want it to maintain originality. The simple answer is Hollywood film posters from 40’s and 50’s. Grab your man, suit him up in Clark Gable gear and pull off the greatest Scarlett impression the world has ever witnessed. And yes, use “Gone with the Wind” as a reference. The rest of the aesthetic can be recreated with Adobe Photoshop (there are hundreds of tutorials for this specific aim) later on while the final product can be framed as a beautiful photo print on a cinema-format canvas. Just like those in the lobby of a real movie theater!


Group photos are a natural part of any wedding-related event out there, thus it’s no surprise that a bulk of them look borderline identical. To break the stereotype - break the group photo. Okay, you don’t have to smash it. Simply take photos of people while modifying their stances to acquire a photo puzzle effect! Make them interact, so that the photo would make sense only when put together. Each photo can be printed separately (which might be tough if you’re really popular) or on a single, large-format canvas print. Other than that, it can be two sides of the relatives, competing in a Tug of war session. That canvas print that unites families!

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This may seem to be a bit “off” in comparison with other suggestions yet at the same time, it’s the most toned-down and conservative wedding photo solution to be found here. Bare feet, moody, fog-filled forest in the background, a wreath, made from dry branches with both groom and bride standing on different levels (presumably - stumps) whilst gazing in different directions. Regardless of the distance, it shows the unity of both existing within the bigger unity of nature. A photo for classy and sophisticated wall art, that’s perfectly discreet for a bedroom decoration.-

Thanks for's  blogger Gvido Grube for sharing these valuable tips.


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