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4 Tips for the Best Wedding Soundtrack Straight from a DJ Who Knows What’s Up


4 Tips for the Best Wedding Soundtrack Straight from a DJ Who Knows What’s Up

We couldn’t be more excited that Mick Batyske (aka MICK) is here sharing his tips with us and our readers. Not only is MICK a globe-trotting deejay, he’s also a podcast host, start-up investor, and a sought-after speaker and we're thrilled to be sharing his words of wisdom with you. MICK’s deejay clients have included everyone from LeBron James and Michelle Obama to GQ and Instagram, and he’s spun at weddings across the globe (NYC, LA, Italy, Tulum just to name a few) for a who’s who of clientele (including R&B star Miguel). He’s now accepting wedding inquiries for 2021 and 2022, and you’ll want to read on for MICK’s must-know wedding soundtrack tips to know why and where to reach out.

Don’t forget the pregame show

“I always tell my clients that the early night vibe is where we can really get creative. This is your big day, so the soundtrack should reflect you. A lot of times, the more obscure songs and artists that you love (but maybe aren’t that well known to your guests) don’t make sense for a prime-time dance floor slot. But it’s easy to find a version of them that sounds great during cocktails and dinner. This applies to everything from 90’s hip hop to current pop. Have fun with it.”

Make sure your DJ Knows what you don't like

“Thankfully, I’m pretty decent at this deejay thing and have put in significantly more than the Malcolm Gladwell-suggested 10,000 hours of recon. Thus, I can look at almost any dance floor and figure it out within 90% accuracy.

4 Tips for the Best Wedding Soundtrack Straight from a DJ Who Knows What’s Up

What I don’t know are these things: the song you broke up with your ex to / the song your parents forced you to listen to in 4th grade and you’ve hated ever since / the song that was playing on the radio when you failed your driving test. Help me help you: a good deejay should serve almost as the musical psychologist for your big night. They should be able to do a quick pulse check for what you need for maximum comfort, pleasure, and motivation [to let go] and align everything to make it happen. Vibe curation is real.” 

The last dance is as important as the first one

“Yes, you know what song you want to enter the room with. You probably know the song you want to have for your first dance, too. But what about at the end, when you leave the party to head to your newlywed suite?

Don’t you want to walk out of your reception and literally into the rest of your life with the perfect soundtrack playing in the background? I would. So, let’s figure it out together.”

4 Tips for the Best Wedding Soundtrack Straight from a DJ Who Knows What’s Up

Make it last forever

“The best way to remember the soundtrack for the best night of your life is to literally turn it into a soundtrack for the best night of your life. I always offer my clients the option to have my entire wedding set turned into a Spotify playlist they can listen to forever. It’s great hype music for when you’re on your way to your honeymoon; it’s a fun anniversary listen; some tracks are definitely sick for the bedroom, and let’s be honest, there’s probably even something on there to play in the hospital room, when you’re having your first babe…

It’s also a really nice touch to include as a bonus nod of appreciation to your friends and fam when you send out those (much delayed) thank you notes.”

our own two cents about setting up “wedding music” expectations. 

This is your day, it’s your love, it’s what your guests will remember for a while, but what you’ll remember forever - so, as such, don’t let labeling limit you. Just like MICK mentioned, your entertainer(s) will read your cues (provided you give said cues to them), they’ll size up your squad, and they’ll figure out a way to make everyone happy. This business is quite literally ‘their jam,’ so once they have some orienting direction from you, trust their talent. They’ve got this. 👉Pick MICK for your party (and don’t forget that that’s what your wedding is, the greatest party ever)

P.S. For everyone who's dating, just-engaged, getting closer to their wedding day, newly-done with their 'I Dos,' or happily married for 5, 10, 15, 30, 50+ years, this playlist is just for you - Happy Valentine's Day from MICK ❤️❤️❤️


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