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4 Diamond Encrusted Reasons We Love Rose Gold And Fabian Diamonds


Rose gold is king! At least in our books, and if you have been keeping an eye on trends lately, you will have noticed it has been taking off all over the wedding world. Not only is rose gold a popular color for anything from bridesmaids dresses to table linens or even wedding cakes it has become a very fabulous way to have your engagement ring standout from the crowd. 

So for all our unique brides out there we highly recommend starting your rose gold ring hunt with Fabian Diamonds! And for anyone less excited by this pink ring trend Fabian Diamonds also has a selection of classic and custom rings that will have you wishing you had a few more fingers to showcase more rings on. But before you dismiss rose gold entirely we wanted to share these 4 diamond encrusted reasons we love rose gold and Fabian Diamonds

Diamond Encrusted Reason 1:   Did We Mention it's Unique?

Engagement rings have been coming in yellow and white gold for centuries, why not shake things up and show off your unique sense of style with a rose gold ring!

Get a load of that ring from Fabian Diamonds above! With an expertly cut moissanite center stone and a halo of micro pave set diamonds this gorgeous little number has us staring a bit too long. And you cannot deny that blushing hue of the rose gold band will catch simply everyones eye! 


Diamond Encrusted Reason 2:   Durability! 

Don't let these rings blushing color fool you, they actually can withstand far more wear and tear then your white or yellow gold rings. As a life long abuser of jewelry I have to say the idea of a ring that can take the hits and still keep on shining is pretty appealing. Granted your rose gold ring isn't going to be as strong as platinum but it's nice to know they are tougher then they appear. 

Speaking of appearance, the rings from Fabian Daimonds are all made with the highest quality materials, and are expertly crafted using diamonds, gold and other precious gems! You know these babies are gunna sparkle up a storm!


Diamond Encrusted Reason 3:   looks great on everyone!

That rosy color brings out the best in everyones skin tone! It doesn't matter if your black, white, brown, blue or purple a rose gold ring on your finger will never clash. 

Plus, when you contact Fabian Diamonds you can get your engagement ring custom designed. How sweet is that! Not only will your look awesome with a pink ring on your finger, you'll know its a one of a kind piece... just like you.

A word of the wise though, for anyone that may have a copper allergy; as the secret ingredient in rose gold is copper you might want to steer clear. Bummer.  

custom rose gold engagement ring

Diamond Encrusted Reason 4:   Surprisingly Affordable!

Engagement rings are spendy little items to begin with, but once you start talking customizing them, things tend to only get more costly. But even as the latest trend, rose gold is actually more affordable then the classic materials! 

Fabian Diamonds wants to keep those savings coming; not only are their prices below that of retailers, they also offer free shipping on all orders! AND... you can get a $75 discount when you mention you heard about them from Wedding Chicks! 

Rose gold still not your thang? No judgement here, click the gallery below to find even more stunning custom pieces made and sold by Fabian Diamonds. All above offers are good on any product, rose gold or otherwise. Happy ring hunting!