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3 Ways to Use Custom Tissue Paper for Your Wedding Favors


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I’m issuing a warning RN: forget everything you’ve ever known, liked or disliked about tissue paper, because we know a company that makes it custom - and it is everything. Whether you love gift wrapping or hate it ((and we know, there are certainly some wrapping-averse people out there)), you’ll inevitably not mind it, if you can use eco-friendly and sustainable tissue that may or may not have your faces on it 😄. We’ve made friends with noissue, and now that we’re tight, we thought we’d make some introductions. Read on, because your wedding favors and gifts for the crew are about to get a whole lot better!

Pretty sure I have a mild obsession with tissue paper, and I’m not quite sure where it came from. Whether it was because growing up, my mom always used gift bags+tissue for our birthday presents - and I loved the colors just so much - or maybe because when I first started working in PR, I sent out a TONNNNN of products to editors and producers, and couldn’t tame my perfectionism when it came to assembling their swag bags. I needed to wrap everything just so and have it fit snuggly in the gift bag, with fluffs of tissue styled neatly at the top of the bag. To me, the wrapping aid - i.e. the tissue - has always been kind of the best part.

noissue custom issue paper for wedding favors

Now, though, I know about noissue, and I don’t think I can everrrrr go back to basic white or pastel-colored sheets again. And for brides and grooms getting ready for their weddings, this company will turn up your gift wrapping in a major way. Yes, you’re the couple saying ‘I Do,’ but let’s be honest, you have lots of presents to give out, too. So, let noissue be a part of your nuptials experience!

Is custom tissue really that big of a deal?

Yes. Unequivocally, yes. If you don’t really understand where we’re coming from, just hop on over to their site and play around a bit. Also take a look at their Instagram feed - the designs some people/retailers/etc. have come up with are beyond cool. Essentially, all you need to do is upload your design/monogram/motif, place your order, and then await your delivery of custom tissue paper. It’s simple and it’s one of those small touches that make a HUGE difference.

noissue custom tissue paper for wedding gift favor bags

Hello unforgettable favors.

noissue’s tie-the-knot-worthy tissue is a great wrap option for favors!

For treats or trinkets that are cylindrical in shape - like a box of French macarons, candles, artisan soaps, etc., you can make the cutest little paper flower preparations - and they look UH-mazing when they’re all lined up on your favor table.

We’re not kidding, we actually did these! Using one of our own FREE monogram designs: a super classy and streamlined botanical print.

how to wrap your favor in petal-like custom paper

1. Measure your tissue paper, for this size gift our dimensions were 48 x 9 since our gift was wide and short. To measure your tissue paper accordingly, roll your gift 5-6 times, mark the tissue paper, unroll and measure.

2. Accordion fold your tissue paper. Tip for faster folding - if you need more than one piece of tissue paper - combine the two as you see in the video and fold each one at the same time. Then tape together once folded.

3. Keep your tissue paper folded and cut the top so each side is rounded. If your accordion folds are not perfectly-lined-up, you'll want to open the folds and check to make sure your cuts look correct all throughout. If you have uneven folds you might need to cut a few pieces here and there to make sure they all look uniform.

4. Roll your gift in the accordion folded tissue paper with the flower petals on the top and tape down the bottom of the tissue paper to the gift.

5. Tie a ribbon around the top to scrunch together the petals, be careful not to tie too tightly. Bend the petals outwards.

6. Untie the ribbon to place the outer monogrammed tissue paper on the gift. Cut a square with one of the monograms in a corner, then fold the corner up and tape to the front of the gift, fold up the outer two sides and tape. Then fold up the tissue paper in the back and tape to secure. Cut off any excess tissue paper that will not be hidden by the ribbon.

7. Retie the ribbon with a beautiful bow in the front and reshape some of the flower petals if needed.

noissue custom tissue paper flower favor wrapping

For favors that fit into gift bags, noissue offers custom stickers, which are another 👌 touch to add personalized wedding branding to your send offs. As I mentioned above, that tufted fan out of tissue is so famous - we love the look of a solid color tissue blended with the custom tissue. It’s crafty and festive (everything that a wedding needs).

noissue custom tissue paper monogram labels for gift bags

For favors that fit into gift boxes, noissue custom tissue is a seamless full-coverage wrapping paper option. All you need to do is add some ribbon and a fresh flower for extra finesse!

The tribe will vibe with the tissue.

And above and beyond the wedding favors, custom tissue can make your gifts to your squad (bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, in-laws, etc.) even that much more special. We love the idea of the bride and groom each choosing a design for themselves, maybe a floral or paisley print for her, an edgy/geometric motif for him, and then using it to wrap all of their gifts from the start of their engagement through to their wedding morning. The girls are going to DIE when they open their ‘Will You Be My Bridesmaid?’ gifts and see everything carefully wrapped in classic, soon-to-be Mrs. X style.

Not saying that this does anything, but I sometimes even wrap some of my fashion jewelry (statement necklaces and the like) in tissue to keep it from tarnishing. If I were a bridesmaid who got a gift enveloped in the prettiest tissue paper, I’d keep it for sureeeee. 👍 add for the jewelry box.

noissue custom tissue paper wrapped presents for bridal party

Gifting each other couldn’t be sweeter.

You can have some fun with it, too! Maybe make a promise to each other to only wrap one another's gifts: birthday, holiday, wedding day (jewelry, boudoir photo albums, for instance) in your custom tissue. Come up with a design that celebrates your relationship, your new family, your favorite things to do together, and make it your own. Everyyyyyy person out there appreciates on-point wrapping paper, no matter how much they might say they don’t, so unwrapping gifts (prepped with your paper) from your favorite person will guarantee all those warm and fuzzy feels all year long.

Feeling differently about tissue paper now? THOUGHT SO! Start designing now - and while you’re at it, keep in mind:

  • noissue is v. versatile, their custom branded tissue is offered in so many products

  • While the company regularly services small businesses and brands with larger-picture projects, they understand that consumers welcome a chance to brand themselves (especially for such a bespoke event like a wedding). So, they offer small minimum order quantities for this purpose (250 is the lowest).

  • The tissue is eco-friendly and sustainable (everything is printed on acid-free, FSC Certified paper, using soy-based inks) - not wasteful!

  • Free shipping and free returns worldwide, delivered at your door within 3 weeks. Perfect timing when you’re thinking about those favors!


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We partnered with noissue to share some of the coolest ways to use custom tissue paper to turn up your gifts and favors. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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