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3 Reasons Walking With Mom On Your Wedding Day Is Major

Meghan Markle Might Walk Down the Aisle With Her MomPhoto:

So according to almost everrrrrryone (seriously, the royal wedding rumor mill is working in overdrive), it seems like Meghan Markle is at least entertaining the idea of walking down the aisle with someone who isn’t her father… and how do we feel about it? Well… 😍 😍 😍

We’re a fan of everything this woman does. From her black and white official engagement photos to the British-tradition-breaking gowns we can only dream of seeing her in for the big day, she is untouchable.

What started as a comment from an insider to E! News has morphed into a full-on WWMMD (what would Meghan Markle do?) moment. And now we’re all convinced that she’ll be turning tradition on its head by

having her mom, Doria Ragland, escort her to her Prince on May 19th. Of course, all of this is total hearsay at this point, because unless it comes straight out of Kensington Palace, nothing can be confirmed.

But it did give us something to think about. Sure, having daddy do the the honors of ‘giving you away’ is the classic choice, but it’s not the only one! WHATSOEVER. And you shouldn’t feel beholden to conventions on your special day. Even if you’re marrying someone with tradition in his blood. You should walk the aisle with someone who you love and adore, admire and acknowledge knows you well and wants the best for you in your new life ahead.

Meghan and her mama are two peas in a pod, from the looks of it, and we don’t blame her for considering the woman who birthed her all those years ago to accompany her on the most important walk of her life. It might not have anything to do with any ill feelings towards her father, but rather just a nod to the close relationship she has with the #1 lady in her world.

We’re ALL about the decision to say ‘I Do’ with mommy riding shotgun, and we’ve rounded up a few of our reasons, just in case you’re feeling ambivalent about it (you know, with all the obligations you take on and tethers you feel in the wedding planning process).

she's your biggest fan

When Alexa Ray Joel shared the news about her engagement+an amazing engagement ring selfie, her mother, Christie Brinkley, was just a few steps behind - posting a series of photos on Instagram celebrating her ‘moonbeam’s’ new milestone and gushing over her own excitement about starting to plan the wedding! She also wasn’t shy to share how happy she was that her daughter found a true gem of a man to spend the rest of her life with. And when she’s your biggest cheerleader, confidant and best friend, why shouldn’t she be the one to link arms with you as you stroll down the aisle?

she'll be with you every step of the way

She was likely the first person on your list of who we need to call STAT when you got engaged, she’ll gladly go with you to all of your vendor appointments (if you want her there!), she’ll toast you at your bridal shower and get all teary-eyed when she talks about you and all of your accomplishments, beauty, brains, and bridal bliss, and she’ll be there popping bottles, topping off your wedding morning mimosas, and helping you get into your gown (leaving her lipstick all over your cheeks and her signature scent all over you in the process -ah, the smell of your mama), so of course she’s a great partner to hold onto while you walk down to meet the love of your life.

she'll need a few extra minutes to hold your hand

Let’s be honest, dads get a lot of chances to be part of the wedding day - in special ways. From first looks, to first steps (down the aisle), daddy-daughter dances and patriarch toasts to kick off the reception, fathers have ample opportunities to stand in and be honored. Being able to give mom this all-important walk might just be everything for her - and you, too! So, hold her hand, give her a kiss, and do this together. She might just need an extra few minutes with you to relax and realize that she’s not losing you, but instead [happily] gaining a new son or daughter and adding someone else to her tribe.