3 Real Reasons You’ll Want to Do An Engagement Photo Session


3 Real Reasons You’ll Want to Do An Engagement Photo SessionPhoto Credit:

It’s a really strange, surreal time for weddings rn - and there are no rules (which is a great thing, because who needs rules, this is all about love and what works for YOU!). If your proposal just happened in the midst of this pandemic or if you’re recently engaged and starting to get into the planning process, though, you’re absolutely going to get unsolicited advice from all of your people. But, I’ll tell you this, if someone mentions that you “need” to set up an engagement photo session, I’ll be the first to back them up on that. There are so many reasons that engagement photos are a great idea, but we thought we’d get a second opinion from someone who shoots said photos for a living. Paulina Perrucci, Bay Area and Palm Springs wedding photographer, thinks they’re a pretty epic thing too…

Triple P (Paulina Perrucci Photography) sees it like this.

When planning your wedding, you want to be sure that your photographer is not only capable of capturing beautiful candid moments, but can also make you feel comfortable in every way on your big day. Paulina Perrucci is a hopeless romantic who is determined to make her couples feel perfectly comfortable in front of the camera. As a professional photographer, she holds herself accountable for not only capturing beautiful imagery, but making sure that her couples feel at ease. Her favorite way of getting to know her brides and grooms more is through the engagement photography sessions. When planning the engagement session, Paulina asks questions to get a better idea about her couples: what sort of things they do together, where they like to travel, etc. With this information, she then translates the transcript into a beautiful location or a unique setting of some sort for the sessions. If they are a couple who love wineries or playing basketball together, she creates a storyline that best aligns with their union. In her mind, it is the perfect way to spend quality time with the bride and groom to-be.

For the couple, it’s actually even better.

3 Real Reasons You’ll Want to Do An Engagement Photo Session

Going back to that earlier point about why an engagement session is smart - here goes.

It will subconsciously help you to be more relaxed. 

3 Real Reasons You’ll Want to Do An Engagement Photo Session

There is a lot of pre-session prepping to do before an engagement session - from deciding on the place to deciding on outfits to wear. Hair and makeup, probably. Props, perhaps? It’s not just a show up, get photos snapped, and leave feeling 100 thing. But once you can get through all the preliminary planning and strategizing and brainstorming, you’ll inevitably feel more chill - especially if you have a photographer who works collaboratively with you. Answers your questions, troubleshoots your concerns, mellows out your worries. By the time you get to your session, with all the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed, you’ll be relaxed and reassured. And being relaxed is paramount to 👌  pictures.

It will give you a chance to show off your quirk before you ‘werk’ at the wedding.

3 Real Reasons You’ll Want to Do An Engagement Photo Session

Paulina loves engagement sessions, because all of them have fostered playful, silliness from her couples. Being able to show some vulnerability and really open yourselves up to your photographer, letting him or her see who you are as a couple, what makes you smile, and how your love can shine and sparkle in its own uniqueness, is a wonderful way to start building your trust for the big day. If you can feel comfortable and confident being each other’s weirdos - in front of someone who you might not know all that intimately yet - then it bodes well for authentic, effortless, and unforced photography on your wedding day.

It will give you something to nail as you move towards your nuptials.

3 Real Reasons You’ll Want to Do An Engagement Photo Session

At the end of the day, you don’t have to change anything about yourself and your love for your wedding day. It’s going to be a magical milestone and the memories will come across as such - particularly if you have a photographer who is enraptured by romance (Paulina studied in Paris, France, so raw, intimate emotions of a wedding and the uniqueness of each one are everything to her). That said, if you go through your engagement session and then get your photos back and feel like you look stiff or that how you chose to dress or do your hair wasn’t your favorite (hey! brides and grooms should feel their best self on the day they say “I Do”), you can use the session as a trial to see what worked out well and felt good and what just didn’t. For Paulina, when her couples are familiar with her and feeling energized by their engagement sessions, they’re much more comfortable in front of the camera for the BIGGEST occasion, and they only have to focus on expressing their love for one another as newlyweds.

From the looks of it, Paulina knows how to inspire and execute a killer engagement session. These photos are pretty delicious 🍒… Reach out now to see the gorgeousness that this photographer is on our pedestal for!


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