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3 Clever Ways To Propose This Valentine's Day

Will You Marry Me? Sweet proposal ideas.

Valentine's Day is next week. Hopefully you've already purchased the ring, now it's time to think of a clever way to pop question! Don't worry we've got you covered. Thanks to our friends at Elleffe we have 3 incredibly easy, yet super sweet wedding proposal ideas.

wedding proposal idea #1
Starting off with our heart shaped will you marry me cookies! Funny enough we went to our local Albertsons and asked the baker if she'd write on a cookie for us. To our surprise she whipped it out right  there! If your baker isn't as kind as ours simply buy some white frosting and do it your self. Buy a few extra cookies in case your writing skills are not up to par. 

Put the cookie on a cute tray like ours from Elleffe and present it to that special someone. They'll be absolutely thrilled and will more thank likely say, "YES"!

Will You Marry Me? Sweet proposal ideas.


Present her with her favorite cocktail (which somehow must include strawberries) on a cute tray and tell her how amazingly wonderful she is. 

We crowned our strawberry with a halo engagement ring and placed it on the rim of the glass. Be careful, because she might not notice it at first!

Will You Marry Me? Sweet proposal ideas.


Ask her if she would like an afternoon pick me up. Add in a chocolate stick or marshmallow stick like ours. Gently place around the stick and in the coffee. At first she'll think you're presenting her with a sweet treat to go along with her coffee, and then her eyes will light up once she sees what is attached to it. Happy proposals and thanks again to Elleffe for the cute tray. 

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