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2020 Atelier Pronovias Collection Fashion Show


2020 Atelier Pronovias Collection Fashion Show Photo Credit:

Sooo, I’m realllly hoping that one of these days I get to experience Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week. Amy was there for the Pronovias Fashion Show over the weekend, and I lived vicariously through all of her posts. Because how else would I get to glean all of the glamorous, glitzy star power of the show?!?!! I’m not salty, I’m just starved for sparkle - and this runway had SO much of it. If you, like me, couldn’t make it to Barcelona for a hot minute, it’s okay, because we’re going to let you live in the clouds for the next few days. That’s what some photos and summaries of the 2020 Atelier Pronovias Collection will do to you: send you straight into the sky... or orbit 🕊️💫🕊️💫🕊️💫.

What’s a “Beyond The Stars” presentation without star-studded attendance?

Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week isn’t just another bridal market cycle, it’s something entirely in a league of its own. Pronovias, one of our all-time faves, goes ALLLLL out for the occasion every year (why wouldn’t they? #hometurfadvantage), gathering celebs from the world of fashion and film, Spanish and international socialites, press and buyers from around the world. And this time around, the runway was shining with aisle style all inspired by a “Beyond The Stars” creative motif.

2020 Atelier Pronovias Collection Fashion Show

We fangirled hard over this season’s A-list attendees, including Lucy Hale ((OMFG, when this girl becomes a bride one day, she is going to have every designer banging down her door with bids to dress her, no joke)), and Brittany Snow - who, if you haven’t binge-watched Someone Great on Netflix, you need to reacquaint yourself with. She’ll always make me think of John Tucker, but she got engaged in January/February, to a ridiculously hot realtor; being that she marked her first foray into bridal-land with a front row seat at Pronovias, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for us to say that maybeee she’ll go with something Hervé Moreau-made for her own wedding day?!?!!

2020 Atelier Pronovias Collection Fashion Show Photo from Fotoformat (from left to right):

2020 Atelier Pronovias Collection Fashion Show From left to right:

Hervé was certainly starry-eyed over his inspiration.

The newest collection was moved by Pronovias Artistic Director, Hervé Moreau’s childhood in Nice - the first place where he was entranced by the art of Marc Chagall. His paintings, which sprung with themes of fantasy, love, and joy, featured brides that were sublimely happy, often floating in harmonious and dreamy landscapes surrounded by flowers, birds, and shining stars.

2020 Atelier Pronovias Collection Fashion Show

2020 Atelier Pronovias Collection Fashion Show

2020 Atelier Pronovias Collection Fashion Show

It’s hard to dress model stars in star-inspirited styles and still have them sparkle, but somehow they managed...

Duh. International models Blanca Padilla, Cindy Bruna, Devon Windsor, Gizele Oliveira, Maria Borges and Keke Lindgard, among others, brought the sidereal collection to life (err, light) in a way that just can’t be imitated ever again. Wearing designs that personified stars and shining moons as well as ornate and pluming birds, the models seriously assembled on stage looking like one of the most incredible celestial systems novice stargazers like us could ever hope to see.

We’ll be hitting refresh on the new collections tab @ Pronovias every few days for the next few weeks, but until the gowns are delivered to Pronovias stockists, you’ll just have to keep an eye on these shooting star standards:

  1. Dreamy dresses that flatter and celebrate every feminine figure, crafted with impeccable cuts, and elaborated with new materials such as Crepé Couture, embroidered tulle and handmade French lace.

  2. This innovative collection honors Pronovias’ long-standing reputation for tailoring with a perfect fit in mind: one that guarantees comfort and boosts a bride’s confidence. 

  3. Each dress has been designed with attention to lightness and soft, flexible construction, allowing the bride to move gracefully and elegantly, a tribute to the dreamy brides in Marc Chagall's masterpieces.

2020 Atelier Pronovias Collection Fashion Show

2020 Atelier Pronovias Collection Fashion Show

2020 Atelier Pronovias Collection Fashion Show

2020 Atelier Pronovias Collection Fashion Show

2020 Atelier Pronovias Collection Fashion Show

Check out the slideshow for a full [tele]scope of the collection. And make sure you’re following Pronovias on IG to catch more glimpses of this constellation couture.

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We partnered with Pronovias to share the haps on this out-of-this-world new collection of bridal couture before anyone can get their hands on it. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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