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19 of the Sickest Double Exposure Snaps We’ve Seen Lately


Soooo, today I’m feeling beyond inspired by a photography style that is seemingly all over Instagram right now. You may or may not have seen the trend before, but we can tell you, it’s multiplying in exposure. Hint hint. It’s the double exposure photo, and guys, it’s everything (((BIG DISCLAIMER: ONLY IF IT’S DONE RIGHT))).

To give you a photography for dummies explanation of this mesmerizing motif (because seriously, it can get confusing), it’s a stylistic technique wherein two different images are combined into a single image. It’s artistic AF and kind of reminds us of ‘THAT DRESS,’ remember, that whole trippy optical illusion, ‘what do you see, a white dress with gold or a blue dress with black’ phenomenon from a few years back?

Anyway, it really only takes seeing one of these insanely gorgeous portraits to pull you into complete double exposure enchantment. And then, you’re at risk of tumbling down a double exposure hashtag hole. Quickly, at that. Pretty sure I spent a few hours just jumping from one fine art photographer’s feed to another’s the other night. It got craze.

Don’t believe us when we say this lewk is getting ALL the love in the wedding world? Click through this collection of some of the most incredible nuptial and engagement shoot dub exposures. If we don’t have you hooked by the end, then we’ll get one of our photo friends to make you a believer… KIDDING. Let these move you as they will, they just happened to give US all the feels.

BTW, one our favorites off all time, Elizabeth Messina, has been a pioneer of this photo technique or so many years. So if you REALLY want to get some inspo, make sure to start following her. And if the post is really just kickstarting your wedding photo obsession, be sure to start stalking some of the greatest photographers the industry has seen.

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